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Coolest Super Bowl matchup?

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19 hours ago, Epyon said:

 ... Expectation wise? I think Mahomes/Rodgers is probably a lock for SBowl. That damn insurance company is going to love that.

I hate the Packers as much as any Bears fan but as a football fan, this would be a great football game to watch.

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On 1/3/2021 at 8:47 PM, blkwdw13 said:

I would like to see Buffalo vs Washington. As improbable as it is I like Buffalo and Alex Smith getting into the Super Bowl and playing is something else I would enjoy seeing.

Combine this with Washington beating the Bears in the Conference championship.  The two worst records in the playoffs.  The perfect end to a bazaro year.

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Bills vs Bucs for me.

Bills because that fan base deserves a winner after all they've been through over the years and I'd like to see Brady go up against his former rival for SB ring #7.  If he wins another he's without question the GOAT.

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For me it's the Bills and unfortunately the Saints (meaning bears lose this week).  After four failures, Buffalo the city needs a SB, and I would like to see Brees ride off in the sunset with another ring.  Always liked that guy.

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