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2020 Season Ending Game Balls and Jockstraps

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8 hours ago, Matts4313 said:


such a terrible take. Our offense suffered 20+ points less right after the injury. Our season ended on that day and everyone knew it but you and slam.

Matts, you and NYFDB have become the Uncle Ricos of the forum.  

Literally, it took a miracle for Dak to beat the 4th worst team in the NFL this year otherwise Dak would be 0-4 this year.  He's 6-11 over his past 17 games.  Of those 6 wins, 4 of them came against teams drafting in the top 4 picks.  Please spare us the Uncle Rico time machine winning state routine.  

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20 hours ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

The biggest jock goes to the 4-6 posters* who spent the past two years trying to hijack every thread and turn it into another Dak discussion.

*If you think I'm talking about you then yes, I am. 

Bumping this given the relevancy. 

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4 hours ago, DaBoys said:

I swear I could say the sky is blue and the Dak lusters would call me a hater. 

You know what, you guys are right. If Dak would have never got hurt we would have been 16-0!! Dak is so good he can go back in time and win games. Everybody knows it but slam and I! Any other take is terrible.

You are goddamned right we would have been 16-0 you dumb hater.




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WE can play what if's all we want about what could be...

YES...   ANY CLOSE GAME WE LOST.. see, Pitts, Giants,  and I would include PHILLY...       we should expect to win with DAK over who we had at QB...   I see the point totally on the AZ game... but still 9-7 is a easy read....  personally I also would include first wash game as the team would have been in a totally different emotional state offensively. D played good enough that game.     EITHER WAY my take is 10-6 and good enough to win 1 playoff game maybe 2 depending upon who -  but not good enough defensively to make it past what ever team we would face in championship game.   


showed promise to keep the hype up another year:

OL...   adding 3 probowl level players would put our OL to top 10 plus for me...

WR--   easily as good as anyone in football

TE -  IF Jarvin comes back also very good no real need with who we have at WR to spend resources here.

QB - Ouch...  huge potential problem..   wait and see...    this is the crux of the offseason...

DL -   great foundation...  the main three get pluses.. DLaw, Smith, Gregory.

RB - Smith ran the ball very well in a lot of games ...   he also had some of his worst games of his career which is a worry. Pollard showed he deserves to be on the roster but still not making the right choices all the time on kick return but has improved as a RB. 

Secondary -  Diggs   he showed to me that he is starting CB in the nfl and could develop into a shut down CB..

did enough to keep the unsure  undecided tag...

Gallimore..   only one on the DL except above who I see as potential cog going forward. 

gets dicey after that....

LB -   huge JS tag all around -   unfortunately thanks to the over all terrible job by our D on a whole IMO we never really got a good read on just how bad Smith LVE have regressed. Was the problems 100% them..  100% scheme..   I imagine some where in the middle between those two options but just where...  Lee unfortunately was ineffective due to being asked to do too much and due to all the problems around him.     

CB's -   

Awuzie gets a pass... showed enough for me this year and in past years to be a starting CB in the NFL.  IS he a no 1 NO..  is he a no 2 maybe close in the right situation...   good enough to not just dump and spend recourses replacing. 

Brown  JS ...  another regression here..    he had one year where he played at almost a pro bowl level for this team.. unfortunately he was moved around way too much and is an okay back up.. or in dime packages but that is it..  good enough not to spend resources replacing. 

the rest... mostly unmentionable...   


Wilson -  gets a pass  probably a game ball as some would give him game ball no question...  hmm  me not so much..  I know he was one of the best defenders the final few games of the season... but why wasn't he on the field.. sure easy to blame the coaches...  but .. so he gets a pass..

Woods -  JS -    it is strange.. Woods in the past  played just as well over a series of games in the secondary as Wilson did at the end..   I don't know if he just couldn't handle the new "scheme" or just lost interest in producing. I don't see it worth spending resources here. Did he earn a new contract no... but I wouldn't automatically cut him either. 

Personally IMO I feel our safety problem was we didn't have the proper mesh of personal, both Woods and Wilson played their best at the LOS..   This team really really need legitimate safety's to support our CB's in the back end.  Awuzie and to a lessor degree Brown were greatly exposed by not having competent back end help.

A little repeat but the biggest NO 1 Jock strap to the season....  injury...    Dak and to a lessor degree MaCoy and other starters we lost to start the season.

NO 2 JS goes to the coaching staff  blame the zero preseason but the coaches turned what on paper and based on past history was a middle ground 15-20 level D into a bottom feeding failure...

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Sorry... I guess I forgot to mention ..

CB - Jordon Lewis  -  JS...   too much a tweener like Brown who didn't get it done.   if we could snap our fingers could he be a safety.  we have too many questions to wonder what he could be what he wasn't was a competent CB in the NFL.   change the coaching, the scheme, maybe... but huge upgrade needed here as well. 

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