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Tennessee Titans 2021 Opponents

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Colts                 Colts

Jags                  Jags    

Texans             Texans

Bills                   Jets

Dolphins           Pats

49ers                 Rams

Cardinals          Seahawks 

Chiefs                Steelers

          TBD: Saints

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12 hours ago, Titans fan 617 said:

Ya I don’t do the whole game by game prediction thing 

Any minute now we’ll get the 17-0 0-17 post

Just at a glance the Titans will have a tough schedule for sure

Yeah. Obviously things can change, drastically, from one year to the next, but the Bills, Seahawks, and Chiefs seem safe bets to be good next year.

Cards, Dolphins, and Rams too, probably.

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So what games are people attempting to go to?

Obviously Covid has a role with things but god willing we are back to going to games in all cities next year 

For me, the 2 games I’m closest too didn’t have fans this year, NE and the Jets, so if they have fans I will be at those

The plan so far was to go to Nashville to see 49ers at Titans because my wife lived in SF years ago, she’s not a die hard fan but she puts up with my crazy fandom stuff and she follows and hopes SF does well so that was the game we were going to travel too that involved flying

If the Titans end up having to go to NO then I will have to pass on Nashville and experience the NO experience 

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