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Playoffs Gameday Thread: WFT vs Tompa

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1 minute ago, Thaiphoon said:

Montez is going to take his first NFL snap...

...down 11 points

...in the 4th quarter

...of a playoff game

against a Tom Brady led team.

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4 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

Heinecke earned the job for next season. You have to at least see if this was a fluke. Get some receiving talent and another RB. 

not sure if he will be the starter but should be able to compete


i dont think a rookie can come in and play as well as he can


not sure if he can take hits though

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I will say that we were outcoached all around. The gameplan for Tom Brady and their offense was executed well. Our defense didnt blitz or put enough pressure on TB. 

Our offense performed admirably. Their run defense is really good. Heinicke did a really good job with his scrambles, especially the TD run. We just couldn't finish the job. 

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6 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

Yeah, I thought it'd be tough to pass Carter, Moss, and Reed, and maybe they haven't, but it's close.

Well I’m taking about TEs too. They have two great TEs & would have 3 if OJ Howard hadn’t gotten hurt.

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