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Wildcard Weekend Play-off Poll

Steeler Hitman

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Who do you think will win in the other wildcard weekend play-off games?


#2. Bills vs. #7 Colts - - Tougher game than many may think. The Bills look unbeatable at times. The Colts are a sneaky good team. I think the Bills are on a mission to avoid another one and done in the play-offs. Can the Colts defense slow down the high flying Bills offense? The Colts will try to pound the ball with their physical OL, wear down the Bills defense which could be susceptible to a power run game and try keep the ball from  from Josh Allen, Stephon Diggs and the high powered Bills offense. This is easier said than done though. Like many play-off games it comes down to which QB doesn't make the most mistake. Allen has been playing like an MVP and Rivers has had one of his better seasons throwing and avoiding uncostly turnovers. I could easily see a Colts upset, but I think the Bills will learn from past play-offs and find a way to force a turnover or two to win over Colts 34- 26.

#4 Titans vs. #5 Ravens - - There should be plenty of fireworks here. The Ravens have been on an offensive frenzy and are arguably the hottest team in the play-offs. Like the Bills the Ravens are out to avoid another one and dud after hot and high powered regular season play and scoring. The Titans are either really good or really bad. They can look like a scary offense when Henry is running defenders over and Tannehill is connecting on passes. This is a great match-up and the Titans will try to use the home field to their advantage. The Ravens have revenge in their beaks. They will try to keep Henry from running wild and counter with unleashing a tough rushing attack of their own led by QB Lamar Jackson.  I think the play of Tannehill and ball control of Henry the key for the Titans to win. The Ravens have the best kicker in football and that may prove to be the edge the Ravens need in a close game. Ravens will run and hit a few passes over the Titans 34 - 29. 


#2 Saints vs. #7 Bears - - Saints have defense and Drew Brees.  The Bears will play hard and tough, but in the play-offs it often comes down to the better or more consistent QB and defense. Bears have a very defense, but with a HOF QB and playing at home, I have to go with Brees and Saints defense over Mitch and Da Bears 33-17.

#3 Seahawks vs. #6 Rams -- Rams defense is legit, but Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf will make some big plays and then ride the Seahawks rushing attack in an old school ground and pound. Rams will have to find some offensive life and hit some big plays.  The Rams defense will need to set the plate for their offense.  The only way I see the Seahawks losing is if they turn the ball over and end up beating themselves. Wilson is a future HOF QB, so I will take the better QB and Seahawks over Rams defense 23-16. 

#4 WFT vs. #5 Buccaneers - - It is hard not to root for the underdog WFT and Alex Smith. While my heart may be there in that great story, the Buccaneers have too much offense and a very solid defense. WFT has the makings of a future contender with a great DL and a young and hungry defense. Tom Brady is masterful in the play-offs and his experience should get the better of the WFT in this contest. The WFT defense can make some plays, but I don't see Tom Brady throwing INT's and giving the WFT chances to win (a la the Steelers week 12). Tampa Bay gets up on the WFT and rides out the win over D.C. with their own solid defense 30-13. 

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Bills over ColtsBills are legit (though, I am excited if we can get the rematch -- I think we completely change how we guard Diggs). 

Ravens over Titans: The Titans defense is soooooooooooooOOOOoooOoOoOoOOOOooooOoOo bad. I just don't see how that improves. Though, just a note on this "team we thought they were narrative" of the Ravens and their end of the season turn around. Cowboys, Browns, Jags, Giants, Bengals -- that's their "turn around" schedule. Could be a mirage -- I don't believe that it really is, but thats a lot of fluff. Their 5 games before that: Steelers twice, Titans, Pats, Colts. 5-0 vs 1-4. Who the heck knows?

Saints over Bears: [Enter description here]

Seahawks over Rams: I think this is an interesting game. I don't think the Seahawks are that good. They feel like the 2019 Packers to me. Hey you have a lot of those "win" things, but I don't think you are very good. Their schedule was very 12 wins-able - Said the Steelers fan. But the difference between the Steelers and the Seahawks is that I think the Steelers have a top tier something. Their defense is not good, though it has good players. Their offenses is......weird, though it has good players. But I really don't think their team will ever really wow you. However, I do trust Russell over Goff to make plays at the end. I think this is probably the most fun game of the weekend though, while it might not be the "best".

Bucs over WFT: The most fun part of this game will be watching Chase Young try to break Brady. Im not a Brady hater, but yeah, If things went Poorly for the Bucs and ultimately Tom and Friends... I wouldn't be broken up about it. I see no non-3 strip sack TD's way the Football Team scores over 17 after what they just did against the Eagles on a night they HAD to win. 

Divisional Round:

- Chiefs v. Ravens - Fun!

- Bills v. Steelers - Fun!

- Packers vs. Bucs - Fun!

- Saints v. Seahawks - Meh. 

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Bills will beat the Colts handily in the most boring game of the weekend.

Titans will beat the Ravens in a 27-24 OT game that's the second biggest nailbiter of the weekend.

Bears beat the Saints with a later 4thQ safety in the biggest nailbiter in a 22-21 final score.

Seahawks over Rams, but I would take the Rams if not for Goffs injury.

WFT over the Bucks in the biggest shock of the weekend in a 20-13 victory that will be sealed with a late Chase Young strip sack that gets returned for a TD.

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1 hour ago, warfelg said:

Titans will beat the Ravens in a 27-24 OT game that's the second biggest nailbiter of the weekend.

I will squeal like a little girl in excitement if we got to do the whole "Can Lamar Jackson win a big game?" thing for another off-season. 

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