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Chiefs DB DeAndre Baker breaks femur


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20 minutes ago, jsthomp2007 said:

So he will be good to go in the championship game.  Is this the same CB who is charge with some kind of crime...I think he robbed someone, no? 


this sucks, Reid has had nothing but compliments about him since he was signed to the Practice Squad. Reid always loves reclamation projects 

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Baker had surgery already and was back in the building today. Saw a video about that kind of injury: Immediate surgery - 8 to 12 weeks to heal, 6 months until back to full strength. The doc there didn't mention any cleanup procedure like removing nails or screws though.

As for his alleged crime: It has been dismissed as an extortion scheme of some of the "victims" and their lawyer ...

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20 hours ago, Kirill said:

You could tell Reid really felt bad for this kid. He got his chance and was playing his tail off his game looked like we were going to bring him back next season not sure now.

I'd imagine they will.  Chiefs are losing a CB or two to FA and Baker is a cheap option as a former 1st rounder.

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