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20 minutes ago, Virginia Viking said:

One would be to adjust scheme or change scheme according to the talent on the roster.  Zimmer is one of those coaches that tries to mold players to his scheme rather than adjusting his scheme to player talents.  Another would be how could the coaching staff embrace unpredictability as a weapon.  The Zimmer defense and the Kubiak offense are predictable.  Andy Reid and Bill Belichick have both been successful in keeping their opponents guessing.

The Vikings run a wide zone offensive scheme that takes advantage of an offensive lineman’s athleticism to create running lanes. Who along the offensive line doesn’t fit? The wide zone also is best utilized with running backs with good vision, patience, and the ability to accelerate quickly. Does that not describe Dalvin Cook?

Kubiak likes to use play action, and he likes to set up the big pass play using play action. Two areas where Cousins excels. Zimmer himself has said multiple times that he brought Kubiak in specifically because it’s a scheme that fits the strengths of his quarterback. That sure as heck sounds like a coach who’s picking a scheme based on his player’s abilities.

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43 minutes ago, swede700 said:

The 2021 season will tell us everything we need to know about the direction of the franchise.  

You're right.  There are things that concern me going into the 2021 season: 

1. Kirk will be 33 at the beginning of the season. Not old, but seeing the end of the line on the horizon for a pretty non-mobile QB. While he's been injury free, in his career, he's taken a lot of shots.  His successor is not on the team currently.

2. Hunter coming off neck surgery.  Neck and back surgery on athletes playing contact sports can be hard, especially in recovering pre-injury form.  Will he be as dominant as the Vikings need him to be?  He steps up if he can't go?

3. Michael Pierce took a season off.  I don't begrudge his decision, but that's a whole year away from coaching, training and conditioning.  That's a whole year away from teammates you need to build relationships with.

4.  The CAP.  I know that Rudolph is likely gone, perhaps Barr and Harris as well.   Yet, if that doesn't help the CAP space, the Vikings must look at some contributors, in their prime, whose salaries are difficult to carry forward.  Harrison Smith and Adam Thielen top the list.

5.  Another offensive coordinator.  Like many, I suspect it will wind up being the younger Kubiak.  But, he's never been a game caller at any level. Yeah, he's got his dad to lean on, but a rookie coordinator and play caller for a team trying to return to the playoffs?  Leaves me concerned.

6. The offensive line.  Yes, there was improvement...it would've been hard for them not to improve after 2019!  But, will Bradbury continue to grow.  Will Reiff still be with the team?  If he leaves do you move O'Neill over to the left side, or do you move Cleveland to tackle?  If Cleveland stays a guard, who do you get to play the other side?  If Rashod Hill leaves, who provides his depth to the team?  Do you draft a guard or tackle in the first round?  Lots of question marks.

7. Eric Kendricks.  He is the best middle linebacker in football.  No one has his side to side quickness.  But, he too is coming off injury.  He turns 29 next month.  Linebackers are a lot like running backs...they slow down when they turn 30.  If Kendricks slows down, who will step up in an otherwise weak position group? Wilson? I don't think he's the answer.

8. The secondary. Harrison Smith turns 32 next month.  Anthony Harris had a down season.  Mike Hughes is a bust.  Holton Hill was cut. Gladney, Hand, Dantzler are all young.  Will they continue to grow?

9. Special teams.  Bailey should be gone.  Colquitt likely gone.  Need a new coach.  Coverage team stinks.

10. Zimmer's play calling, ability to adjust in-game, and time management all took hits in 2020.  Will HE rebound?  Will HE improve in 2021?

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