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Stefanski and others test positive for Covid.

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1 minute ago, JDD said:

I can’t wait to win this game and make fun of the Steelers fans about losing to our C team.  Since all I’ve heard at work is how we beat their B team


After my initial freak out.....I am starting to kinda get this mindset.....

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For those of you wondering why this isn’t a outbreak. The genome sequencing has shown that the players and coaches haven’t caught it off each other. 
they have caught it off people outside of the facility 

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3 hours ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

I wish there was a way he could still call plays from the box

IF it were me, I would have Stefanski stashed in a basement or in a hotel right across the street, and I would run 2 Fiber-optic T-5 lines (for redundancy) and have Stefasnki on the line with Coach Priefer, Coach Woods and Coach Callahan. And I would sit him in front of a bank of camera's with every angle possible. Including 2 camera men who's job is to go get a camera angle requested by Coach......

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This is where you call in the IT guy, tell him he is tasked with strapping a cell phone to his head on game day, and allow Stefanski to coach from his living room via facetime or some other app. We should also pay every positive COVID case we can find to go hug and kiss every Steeler's player or coach they can find.


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18 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

This is why I hate ethnic food guys. 🤮 

Remember, everyone, when @LETSGOBROWNIES was still a member of our forum before he went on that racist tirade?

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The proper pc term is, "food of ethnicity".
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