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Giants to keep GM Dave Gettleman


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Judge and this year saved his butt. Those 2 collaborated to have a fantastic offseason this year. Signed Logan Ryan, Blake Martinez, Graham Gano, and James Bradberry while also having all but 2 draft picks contribute significantly this year. Andrew Thomas, Xavier Mckinney, Matt Peart, Darnay Holmes, Shane Lemieux, Tae Crowder, Carter Coughlin, and Cam Brown all started at least one game and played well over multiple games with significant playing time. If the team of Gettleman and Judge can have another offseason like that, I'm fine with the decision to keep him.

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I'm not happy that the Giants finished the season 6-10, and so far it appears that they are moving forward with both Gettleman and Jason Garrett.  I wanted one, or both, gone.  6-10 is not  good enough to stick with the status quo

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When you look back at 2018, you see why the Giants couldn't really finish much better than they did this year. Not a single player acquired or retained in the 2018 offseason even moderately contributed to this season's success. Lorenzo Carter played well but got hurt in week 5. BJ Hill played really well the whole season, but he had very few snaps; his highest snap share in a single game this year was 44%. Saquon was hurt, Hernandez got benched after coming back from COVID, Nate Solder opted out, and none of the other FA signings were even on the team anymore. That offseason is why Giants fans want Gettleman gone, and it is understandable.

What the Giants ownership is banking on by keeping Gettleman is that Gettleman wasn't the problem in 2018, but the coaches were. There is a chance that that is the case, given the success of this most recent offseason, Gettleman's previous track record, and the amount of signings he made during Shurmur's regime that had ties to Shurmur/Shula or Bettcher (lots of Cardinals defensive players, lots of Panthers offensive players).

EDIT: Yeah, seems like that 2018 season is very much still in the minds of Giants ownership. Good. Don't repeat any mistakes from that year.


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