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Saints could look very different in 2021:

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We all are aware (are should be) of the Saints offseason salary cap situation and what that will likley cost us in roster turnover, ability to resign free agents, pursue other available free agents and even extend current players.


As far as draft capitol the Saints are running low on draft picks (even though they are hoping to pick up a compensatory 3rd rounder) 


Its obvious the roster will look alot different next year with the moves Loomis will have to make along with the likleyhood of the enviable Drew Brees retirement. However it goes even deeper than that...


Both Jeff Ireland and Terry Fontenot's names have surfaced for multipule GM job openings accross the NFL as well as Saints TE coach Dan Campbell and DC Dennis Allens for head coaching positions. 


Its always a good thing when other teams want your front office executives, coaches and players and while not all will leave, this offseason has the potential to get very costly for this franchise if things fall right for a few or our own.

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Worked this up this morning... "different look" is right!

Here's a path to getting under the cap, with no room to spare. 

2021 Offseason
Notable FA Losses:  
Sheldon Rankins  
Marcus Williams  
Alex Anzalone  
Trey Hendrickson  
Jared Cook  
2021 Starting Cap Space -95.05
Other Losses: Savings:
Drew Brees (Retiring) 13.5
Nick Easton (cut) 6
Thomas Morstead (cut) 2.5
Malcolm Brown (cut) 5
Patrick Robinson (cut) 2.6
Josh Hill (cut) 2.605
Janoris Jenkins (cut) 7
Latavius Murray (cut) 2.5
Savings via Cuts 41.705
New Cap -53.345
Restructures: Savings:
Terron Armstead (10m) 6.667
Emmanuel Sanders (6.925m) 3.463
Cam Jordan (12m) 9
Michael Thomas (11m) 8.25
David Onyemata (6.5m) 4.334
Andrus Peat (8m) 6
Demario Davis (5.2m) 2.9
Malcolm Jenkins (5m) 3.334
Kwon Alexander (12m) 9
Alvin Kamara (1m) 0.8
Savings via Restructure 53.748
New Cap: 0.403
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Love the write up... Apprechiate the effort. Great talking points here but just to add. The Saints can keep Drew on the books and designate him a post june 1 retiree which would allow the team to spread his hit equally over 2021 and 2022 giving the Saints around 24 miillion in savings instead of the 13.5. Also extentions on Lattimore and Ramczyk who currently have cap hits of 10 and 11 million in 2021 could be back loaded deals lowering those 2021 cap hits around 3-4 million per saving an additional 12-14 million in 2021 space.

So even with what you have here the Saints could realistically create another 20-25 million in cap space which could allow us to retain Williams and Henderickson as well as signing our rookie class and picking up a few bargin FA's.


The big  question is Lattimore though... Ramczyk absolutely but will the Saints be willing to give Lattimore a big deal and or trade him? His PFF grade for 2020 was like 55 which put him in the bottom 5 of Saints players. Rankins is in the bottom 5 as well and I think the Saints will move on from him but have that ability because Onyenmata was our highest graded player according to PFF with an 88 and he was extended last offseason so we have him onboard already. 


With Jack rabbit, P-Rob and PJ all likley getting axed (PJ graded 37 BTW) could the Saints really give up on Lattimore who may be the most physically gifted corner in the game and at times looks like the best player on the field, even tho at times he looks like a journyman corner at times as well?


Lattimore's future might be the biggest offseason decision the Saints have on their plate in 2021.


PS: I think they cut Alexander outright and save the total 13.4 million. He simply cant stay healthy and now with this innjury lord knows when he comes back and what he is when he does. Team be better off moving forward with Baun and a new cheaper rookie or maybe trying to bring back Anzalone.

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13 minutes ago, Dome said:

I'd be fine trading Lattimore. We could land a decent pick or player for him. 

That puts us basically overhauling thhe ENTIRE cornerback position. Man I could understand it... I just cant see it. I just cant see the Saints moving on from Lattimore.


Look, I understand his inconsistency but this is the former 11th overall pick in thhe draft. As far as natural ability he may be the most gifted player at the position in the NFL. Hes the former defensive rookie of the year. Hes 24 years old with 10 career INTs and 5 forced Fumbles. Hes also a player the Saints ask week in annd week out to travel with the opposing teams top reviever.


Inconsistency at least a lil should be. Expected. I just dont see us not betting on Lattimore, Hell they wouldn't let Peat walk out the door. Maybe ask him to do less instead of putting so much on his plate and look for a young bookennd to paiir with him.


People will disagree but my money iis on the Saints extending Lattimore and I think its the right move. Ii still viiew him as a core building block moving forward but thats just my opinion.

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3 hours ago, Raves said:

Kwon will either be cut or have a deal that drastically reduces his 12 million as there is no guaranteed money.  

exactly plus with his injury now it puts the saints in the same situation they were in last year with Alanzo

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