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After draft assessment of class of 2020

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Well this football year for the Jets is thankfully over, and to this point how would you assess our draft class?

Becton I think I would give an A-/B+ and has not begun to even scratch the ceiling of what he can become.

Mims was hurt for much of the year, he's shown flashes, but I was disappointed he wasn't used more the final games of the season B-/C+. A tremendous upside

Davis was effective, had some good games, some quiet games, he didn't embarrass himself C. I think he takes a huge leap next year just as Williams did

Jabari  was just okay as far as I was concerned and didn't have a ton of tape on him,, but I would like to see how he progresses next year. No grade at this time

Perine had some moments but not enough to say WOW, but I'm not going to grade him too harshly as he was used sparingly, and we really don't know what we have in him. So C-

Morgan and Clark didn't play, but going forward hopefully Morgan will step into the backup role, and Clark can move into the starting lineup at G

Hall well damn, this guy showed up big time and was one of the great steals of the later rounds, and I expect him to show us even more in 2021, but I have to give him a B

Mann, has been special and I believe he's going to be a Jet for his entire career, I have to give him an A/B+

So on the whole, I think Joe Douglas has gone an admirable Job. Especially in light of the previous GM's the Jets were saddled with.

I'm told if you can draft 5 serviceable players in any one draft, then your draft has been successful.

I would have to say that this years draft if it is a harbinger of things to come, should give us hope to see a playoff seed sooner than later.


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Becton is an A- with the - being for a worrisome injury-riddled season - but when he played, he was elite-elite

But anyway, I would categorize it 2 ways: 2020 Player Grade | Draft Grade, factoring in upside and draft position

1. Becton: A- | A+

2. Mims: B- | A

3. Davis: C | B

3. Zuniga D- | C

4. Perine D+ | C

4. Morgan N/A | D

4. Clark N/A | B

5. Hall C+ | B+

6. Mann A- | A+

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