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Reserves/Futures contracts

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With the regular season done, teams can start signing players to reserves/futures contracts. Mostly these players are practice squad players but sometimes are players who’ve been in camp with the team but just didn’t make the cut. 

Reserves/Futures contracts 

S Nick Nelson 

TE Jordan Thomas 

WR Gary Jennings 

RB Benny LeMay 

» RB Darius Anderson

» S Ibraheim Campbell

» CB Andre Chachere

» DT Kameron Cline

» WR Quartney Davis

» G Jake Eldrenkamp

» TE Farrod Green

» G Sam Jones

» T Carter O'Donnell

» RB Paul Perkins

» P Austin Rehkow

» CB Will Sunderland

» CB Roderic Teamer

» TE Andrew Vollert

» DT Chris Williams

» DT Rob Windsor

OT Jake Benzinger

CB Anthony Chesley

OT Elijah Nkansah





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16 reserves/futures contracts and signed WR Ashton Dulin and DT Taylor Stallworth to 1 year extensions. Dulin and Stallworth were both Exclusive Rights FA so they didn’t really haves any negotiating power so Ballard is just avoiding the whole tender process and directly signing them. 

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I noticed the only 3 players from the practice squad not signed were Jared Veldheer and J’Marcus Webb because they are veterans who become UFAs after the season and Daurice Fountain who I’m not sure if they are done with him now or not.

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