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Texans hire Nick Caserio as GM

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5 minutes ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

@ET80: Andre Johnson out here firing haymakers. Like damn imagine the PILLAR of your franchise being like "yeah that place is trash"




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This Breer said about the whole situation:



Nick Caserio’s the right guy for Houston. I know that’s not what people down there want to hear right now—they’ve watched seven years of the team trying to adapt what the Patriots do in another place, and it’s understandable where this may feel like Cal McNair just trying to run it back one more time. Also, there’s no question this whole thing was sloppy. It had been communicated they weren’t going down the Patriot road again, and a search firm was hired to turn over new rocks. That search firm, Korn Ferry, discussed the idea of tapping John Dorsey as GM, which would’ve lined up with QB Deshaun Watson (more on him in a minute) wanting the team to take a look at Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy. When the Dorsey idea died on the vine, Korn Ferry advocated for Steelers exec Omar Khan on the GM side and Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus on the coaching side. And then, word got to McNair that Caserio had knocked his interview out of the park in Carolina, EVP Jack Easterby reentered the picture and, to the shock of many there, the Caserio hire was fast-tracked. A mess? Yup, that handling of all this was a mess. But that does not mean that the Texans didn’t get it right. Caserio’s smart as a whip, and has experience in every facet of a football operation. He was the Patriots’ receivers coach in 2007, the year Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Donte’ Stallworth were acquired, and the New England offense exploded. He worked on both the scouting and coaching sides before that. He took Scott Pioli’s place in 2009, and since has been charged with negotiating trades and contracts, while staying true to his football roots (he’s even remained on the offensive headset during games). Make no mistake, there’s a reason why he was so sought after the last few years, and one bad season and a few shaky drafts doesn’t change that. Houston did well to land him, even if it stepped on a lot of rakes before getting there.

Caserio should involve Watson in the coaching search. That doesn’t mean, by the way, letting Watson pick the next guy, which is not something Watson ever asked to do. It does mean treating him like an important piece of the Texans’ future, which he is. Here’s the thing: This whole fiasco is of Houston’s own doing. The team didn’t have to tell Watson he’d be involved. They did. Then, they consulted with him right up until they got close to making a hire, and once they got close to making a hire, Watson’s involvement ended. A candidate he’d discussed with them, Bieniemy, was out of the picture. Caserio was in it, as was Easterby. So it’s easy to see why Watson’s upset here. Anyone in that scenario would probably feel like they were being patronized and lied to, and the truth is that the team would’ve been better off not involving Watson at all than letting this go the way it did. Which has left a flaming bag of you-know-what on Caserio’s doorstep as he starts his new job. The answer going forward is pretty simple. Whether it’s Bills OC Brian Daboll, Rams DC Brandon Staley or someone else, just do your best to keep Watson updated. Let him know he’s valued. It’s not that hard, and if it had been done before, this mess would’ve been avoided before the Texans got to this very weird place with their most important player.


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Seems like people have already made their mind up about Caseiro. What evidence is this based on? 

There isn't any specific evidence I can think of that's public knowledge, other than the team he managed is the most successful franchise during that tenure. 

If it's draft picks, I ask you a) how you know it was specifically him picking them? and b) is the drafting really all the bad considering NE's average first pick position over the last 6 or 7 years is in the 40s!


If it's nothing to do with him and more to do with Easterby, then I agree with you. If it's just based on nothing other than 'another Belichick disciple' then I get ya.

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