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Texans hire Nick Caserio as GM

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That's really disappointing.. I'm surprised they don't have so many more people involved in the front office. 

As far as I am aware.. you have no cap on coaching and front office.. so why not pay to get the best people out there.. instead of yes men. Sure seems like BB likes to have people around who will bow down to him and just do as he says. 

What is Pioli doing nowadays? same with Dimitrof, he knew how to draft WR's so it would be nice to at least get him on board. For the most part BB knows how to find defensive players but it's obvious he could use help with offense ( I'm assuming scar still being a consulting helps him out with OL). They do a great job finding OL and 3rd down rb's ... that's about it

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A quick google search tells me the average GM makes 1-3 million a year.. I'd imagine top tier ones make a lot more than that... lets say a really good guy gets 8 million a year? John Gruden got 10 million a year to be the HC of the Raiders.. put those 2 together and you've got 18 million or so .. I guess it makes BB worth 20-22 million when you put it that way. 


He is a wayyy better HC than Gruden.. he's also the best in the league at finding UDFA / late round guys .. but I certainly wouldn't say he is the best GM in the league haha 


Kraft has the money either way though.. if BB told him he needs more scouts then I'm sure he would pay up.. The problem is that I dont think BB wants more people.. he wants to do it all himself and have a few people around to do the busy work

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I don't understand why the Texans have been obsessed with wanting to hire Nick? He's been with us since 2001, but what exactly has he done to for the Texans to want him so bad? We have the worst passing offense in the league, and the worst front 7 as well.

Why Nick Caserio out of all the candidates. 

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