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Week 18 - GDT - Wildcard round - Bears (8-8) @ Saints (12-4)

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21 minutes ago, tyler735 said:

Hate to say it, but those problems likely don't get fixed with a 30+ year old QB. Wish I had more faith in Hill being the answer, I just don't see it though. 

Agreed, Don't get me wrong... I think he can be an adequate starter and can get us through a cap strapped 2021 but anyone thinking he's the future of the franchise is kidding themselves. 


I'll say it now... I don't care that he isn't athletic, I'd love to see the Saints draft Alabama's Mac Jones.

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If Hill was 25 or 26 years old, I would say he's a QB that you develop.  But the dude is already 30 and has a long history of injuries, he's just not the long term answer at QB.  He might end up being the starter next year due to a lack of better options, but I think someone else will be the QB the following year if he doesn't really prove himself.

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14 hours ago, Mid Iowa said:

Great play design, poor execution.

Can it be taught? Man, I don't know. How do you change instincts? I don't think you do. But I'm not an NFL coach, so I'll let them do that, and I'll cheer for whoever :)

Can't change instincts, can't teach instincts. It's like speed. You're either born with it, or you're not.

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6 hours ago, Jlowe22 said:

If he could just develop a little touch and stop fumbling the ball so damn much he’d automatically be worlds better.  

asking alot of a 30+ year old QB... Some QBs go there whole career never developing touch. Plus were not even talking about his lack of anticipation issue and improving ball security is not what you wanna hear as far as development of a 30 year old QB.

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