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Derrick "King" Henry Appreciation Post

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These pictures are truly iconic.

Still The King 👑 👑 by Tennessee Titans - Visual storytelling from the Tennessee Titans

We are likely watching the first homegrown Titans player to be a Hall of Famer. By time his contract is done he will have almost completely rewritten the team's rushing record book and made a lasting impact on the NFL record book.

Not to turn this into a "told you so" but it is crazy we as a forum were questioning if we should bring him back or if any other back in the world could do what he has done for us. 

What makes him different from explosive guys like Cook and McCaffery? Consistency.
What makes him different from guys like Chubb?  Durability
What makes him different from guys like Hunt or Mixon? Leadership.
What makes him different from Elliot? Humility and Character.

He is an explosive, durable, leader of men Titan.

Even if he just topples 1,000 for the rest of his Titan's career. We haven't seen a player as valuable to our team since Eddie and Steve. 

We are witnessing greatness. Let's appreciate it!

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Damn straight! great post!!


My immediate reaction after we drafted Henry, and I quote: "He's a luxury pick and we can't afford a luxury pick right now!!!"

What a clown I was! (not much as changed)


He's an absolute joy and privilege to watch play football. A generational talent/RB. A guy whose name belongs next to Tomlinson & Peterson when we speak about this century's greatest players.

LOVE having him in two tone blue.



ya know...I think it's easy to not realize it in the moment. What exactly we're watching here. It's easy to take this 30+ ppg offense for granted. It's not going to be here forever but damn...Derrick, Tannehill, AJ...my god

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Well said KT. I thought it was hilarious people were actually debating resigning the King like it was just so easy to replace him. I didn’t like the fit if we signed Brady but honestly, Brady probably would’ve had a better year here with someone like the King behind him. Dude is a flat out stud and I hope he’s got another 3-4 years of dominant play in him. I just hope we can pair a somewhat good defense with this offense while he’s here.

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I tell my buddy every game that we are watching a HOF MAYBE the greatest of all time And I truly believe that. I do worry about the amount of carries but yeah great post. And I was upset we drafted him... LOL

We need a AJ thread now

We've had good defenses before but I don't remember a offense like this! Thats why I've found it hilarious that people are mad saying we suck with 11 wins. Yes the defense is bad bad but the turn around we've made in a year and a half is actually insane. Im super thankful for everything looking forward to the future 

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Love these pictures! What a year. He is so special. When I saw his workouts last summer on insta, I was like wow, this dude is dedicated and on a mission. The ball throws and hill workouts! His workouts are wild. So happy to see handwork pay off for him. What is even greater about him, he is just an amazing human. Dude is all about his team and getting better, so humble. God, no one deserves a title more than this man. Please figure out a way to give him one.

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One of the greatest to lace em up at RB for the Titans and the Titan/Oilers have had some pretty good ones. Stay healthy and keep racking up those yards King Henry. 👊🏾🙏🏾🎉

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Watching a potential Hall of Famer in his prime is a special feeling. A beast that I would love to see be able to end his career here (highly unlikely but a man can dream). Would love if he become our version of Jerome Bettis once he begins to slow down.

All Hail The King! Long May He Reign!

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He's the team MVP, should be in contention for league MVP, and he's the kind of player you just don't see anymore.

Being (maybe already) the best running back in team history is particularly impressive when you have CJ2K and Eddie George in your team history.

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14 minutes ago, twotonebluenation said:

Oof. Some hot takes in there. Haha. 

I'm proud that my only critique was that he was a luxury pick...which I remember even saying to my friends while watching the draft. Lol...could've been worse


there were some great posters there that I haven't seen on the new forum... @Chocolateman78 where you at?!

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