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Mack, Roquan, Patterson named to the 2020 All-Pro team.


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Well deserved. Patterson gets 1st team, Mack and Quan get a 2nd team. 

Patterson has made the All-Pro team for the 4th consecutive year and a total of 7 times in his career.  Patterson now has 4x 1st team and 3x 2nd team All-Pros to his name. By comparison, this is the same resume as Devin Hester (a sure-fire HOF). 

Patterson has somehow quietly put together a HoF career during an era where rule changes on special teams have really bottlenecked returners (no wedge blocking,  more holding,  more emphasis on player safety, Kos move up 10 yards, etc). 

Glad for Roquan.  He deserved it and I was expecting him to be snubbed.  This was a tough year for ILBers with the amount competition at the position. Hopefully this is the 1st of many for him. 

Mack is now a 3x 1st team AP and a 1x 2nd team AP in 7 years.  I'm glad he made it but I feel like most of this is because of the 1st half of the season when he was balling out. He lost traction in the 2nd half.  Noteworthy mention,  if there was a for holding penalties occured that were not called then he would be in the HoF already even while still playing. For some reason the refs stopped calling penalties in the trenches this year.  Pressure from the league to help generate more offense in order to generate more money to make up for the loss during the pandemic?  



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