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Playoff Game Thread

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12 hours ago, CriminalMind said:

You are talking about a top 2-3 OL there. Kirk is still not a QB who will get you to a championship game unless everything was perfect for him. The hope was that it would be perfect in the 2nd year on his initial contract. It wasn't, his play cost us Diggs and we won't be for next 2 years. Looking beyond Kirk is the best path

I don't disagree with you about any of that but the post I replied to said it was essentially Kirk's fault the line couldn't protect him and that he'll essentially make any line look worse than it is.

Does Kirk have good pocket presence? No. But Kirk is far from the issue with this line. It's still not where it needs to be after 10 years.

As much as I want to see us move on from Kirk, you can't say the line plays poor because of Kirk.....



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Well, I'm pretty stoked to see how the Bills do in KC.   It felt like the Browns had KC on the ropes a bit (gotta say Sheldon Richardson's doing well).    Now, will KC ay their buns off because they kinda got away with one?    Or, if Mahomes is out, do they have trouble?

On the NFC side, I feel like GB should stomp the Bucs.   My only pause is the senior desperation of one last rodeo.  Gronk's not near the threat, but savvy.   That catch he took to the 5, he stayed in bounds and kept the clock running.    Little things like that mean a ton in closing a game . . . Even though the Saints turned it over a short time later.   The Bucs D though, they need to bring it . . . The Pack's D will be highly energized.   

My gut says it'll be Pack vs Bills in the SB.   

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