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Playoff Game Thread

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3 hours ago, TENINCH said:

I go Bucs and Chiefs

Very well possible. I wouldn’t mind bills vs packers either tho. Watching diggs stop the packers from getting a ring would make me feel exquisite. However I could never go for the packers so bucs it is lol.

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35 minutes ago, french t0ast said:

Tom Brady has been so inaccurate in this game!

His receivers have also dropped multiple passes in the game as well.  But sure the three straight series with INTs has not helped, kept the Packers in the game when it should have been over a long time ago.

Rodgers getting the Kirk Cousins treatment in the pocket today, little harder to play when you are getting sacked and hit consistently.  Sucks Winfield Jr has been out but Tyler got that one great catch in the game and the big interference play late, great for Tyler.  



In terms of the Packers






Aaron Jones
Robert Tonyan
Allen Lazard


They were all paid under $700,000 this year individually for Green Bay and all are free agents or restricted free agents.  Could any team have more production out of three guys getting roughly a combined $1.9 million or so, I doubt any team has three dudes that productive getting paid that little.  Freaking nuts.  Also have choices to make with Corey Linsley, Lewis, Lane Taylor, Kevin King, Lancaster, Redmond and Jamaal Williams.


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