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SNF Wildcard Weekend Browns @ Steelers

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one of my pet peeves is when I see a DC call a 5-6 man blitz while also playing off-coverage on the outside. It makes no sense. You know the QB has to get rid of quickly when you are bringing that many guys, so why even give him a chance to hit an open receiver. 

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1 minute ago, TXsteeler said:

Everyone trashing on Steelers for punting is an idiot who never watched the Steelers play before. Ben is so trash. Connor is worse trash. This team finds ways to lose and the offense is way worse than defense. They throw an incomplete pass there and the browns instantly get in aft range and go up 15 points.

I mean..

you do realize you need 2 TDs, right? (3 now)

It doesn't matter how trash they are (you're right, they are). Ultimately you have a finite number of remaining drives, and you were at midfield, with game momentum, at 4th and 2

You were halfway to one of the two TDs you needed

But enjoy trying to get 3 TDs now

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Just now, CKSteeler said:

Yea, about that...

Browns are as bad at fourth down defense as the Steelers have been at converting. The Steelers had all the momentum. They blew it. Tomlin took them out of this game.

And this game today proves the Steelers are bigger chokers.

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2 minutes ago, DannyB said:

I know there's a quarter left, but why did the Browns receiver go out of bounds a couple plays ago?? Seriously, bleed EVERYTHING

Clock only stops if a player goes OOB in the final 2mins of the 1st half and 5mins of the 2nd half

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