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SNF Wildcard Weekend Browns @ Steelers

What ya got?  

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    • Steelers

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Just now, BearFromArgentina said:

The prince that was promised died in the Battle of the Trident. But he set in motion a major chain of events. I envision something like that for Baker, he likely is not going to be the ultimate hero, but the guy that starts to change the narrative for the Browns.

Baker mayfield will win a Super Bowl.

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Just now, Counselor said:

Jerk Dave is back wanting to watch the girls gone wild tapes...

I'm Big Ben's age.  I was more interested in sitting in a recliner dining on Kielbasa, LOL!  But if the tapes happen to be on, well, I won't complain.

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Just now, jrry32 said:

I'd prefer the Bears don't ruin Trask. He has a chance in the right spot.

I'd agree with this.  I personally don't think Trask is good enough elevate a team and take em to the next level but he can be an effective piece of the puzzle if he's surrounded by a solid group with a good coach.

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Great win for Cleveland. That city deserves it after all of that crap the franchise has gone through.

As for the Steelers, that defense completely **** the bed the last few weeks of the season. I wonder if Ben comes back. 

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3 minutes ago, Kip Smithers said:

Bro I know getting to SBs aren’t easy. But since 08 season, he’s only been back once?

Same last SB game as Rodgers. Let me know when its bad for Aaron too.

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Big Ben probably retiring, Tomlin on the back foot, the vaunted defense crumbling bit by bit as the season went on... And they're stuck in a division with Lamar, Baker, and Burrow for the next decade without having a solution of their own to point to. Steelers got a lot of crap to figure out, that much is for sure. The window isn't necessarily closed but this off-season is gonna be a pivotal one. 


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