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NFL uniforms aren't what they used to be (and that's a good thing)

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On 1/10/2021 at 8:50 PM, ronjon1990 said:

As an Oregon fan, I'm against this wholeheartedly. We've had some God awful abominations. 

The day the Browns trot out an all orange or all brown get up to play the all "action green" Seahawks or the all aqua blue Dolphins play the all teal Jaguars, I will quit watching football.

The Rams vs Cardinals "mustard v ketchup" game was embarrassingly tough to watch.

Too late. The Browns DO have a all-brown uniform. Its their color rush uniform


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7 hours ago, ronjon1990 said:

I genuinely hate the Rams' new unwashed bed sheet white look. I always liked the blue and gold look they had in St Louis and I didn't hate the blue and yellow. But that off-white one just looks like sweaty gym shirts 

Still can't believe all that extra time and they went with that set. If you look at it with the blue darkened to a saturated navy, turn bone to white...its fine. Wish they had just gone yellow away, but I'm sure the league nixed it.

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