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NFC Divizional Round: Rams at Packers

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Two games away from Super Bowl LV. It starts Saturday at Lambeau. The Rams have been chosen to be our first kill. It. Is. Time. 

Green Bay Packers Belt GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY


Who: McVay's Rams at Pettine's Packers

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Where: The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. 

When: Saturday, January 16, 2021 at 4:35 EST (FOX)

Why: Because the Rams are in the way. 


This is one step to a greater goal. We win this one for Agent 69: 

David Bakhtiari Is the #1 Tackle in the NFL and Keeps Proving the Haters  Wrong | Barstool Sports


Let's get it. 

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50 minutes ago, craig said:

Those are some pretty favorable injury reports for the Rams, after what could have been devastating losses yesterday.

Forecast for Saturday's game is low to mid 20's without much wind.  Some of those bruises and hurts get a little stiffer and noticeable when you aren't in a dome.  A weeks rest without the same "issues" is pretty nice for Packers overall.  

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11 minutes ago, Arthur Penske said:

How did Linsley hold up vs Donald when we played them in LA a couple years ago?

I don’t seem to remember him being a big factor

I remember Donald had a big sack late in the game on 3rd down when he beat Taylor I believe. That's the play I remember.

Looked it up and was right. Packers were up 27-26 with about 5 mins left. We had 3rd and 6 and Donald beat Taylor bad for his 2nd sack of the day. We had to punt and JK had a 25 yard shank, setting the Rams up at our 40 yard line. They run some time off, get FG, Monty fumbles, ball game.

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