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🏈 PLAYOFFS 🏈 BUCS (12-5) @ Saints (13-4) - Sunday at 6:40pm EST

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11 hours ago, ravishingone said:

Why I m more optimistic is the offense is using more crossers in the passing game.  The Saints have killed the Bucs playing 2 high safety with man underneath.  The offense hasn t run well enough to take advantage of a light box.  Everything was so vertical, they threw right into the safeties.  I would expect some WR screens to AB   

Agreed, it's been a huge reason for the offensive turnaround over the last 4-5 weeks. The mesh/crossing/drag routes have essentially opened up the entire middle of the field and allowed guys who excel at YAC (like an AB) to do so.

before, as you eluded to it was pure vertical, with us only coming underneath as the last safety valve to the RB or TE...

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Anyone else read that article on ESPN about the Saints? i cant find it right now but it basically surmised how Brees is completing something like 73% of his passes when faced with zone coverage as opposed to 54% when facing press man coverage

if Bowles doesnt change his ways we are doomed 

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The Bucs must play over 80% man at the very least if they want to have any real chance of slowing down Brees and that offense. If Todd Bowles comes out with the exact same plan as he had in week 9 and last week of playing heavy zone I will lose it. Play man and blitz Devin White and the defense can look respectable. 

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