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Baltimore V Bills Who Wins?

Baltimore V Bills   

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  1. 1. Who wins?

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This should be a fun match up, something we haven't seen this year. 

I thought Bills would have a tough time against the Colts and I assumed it would be under 7. 

This one is a bit tougher, because it's hard to say which Lamar Jackson shows up. 

I'm going to say Bills beat Ravens 27 to Ravens 17 

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Oh man this should be fun.

As long as that ever-present nuclear warhead warhead sized F up doesn't go off in Allen's brain, they should be good to go. They're rolling, and they look as dangerous as any team and that includes the Chiefs.

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Not predicting anything, but from the early commentary, I don't think it's quite set in that WHEN HEALTHY the Ravens have THE best defense in the league. Maybe the Rams have an argument, but point is, don't sleep on what this defense can do. 

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Not liking the weather. Will certainly give the Bills an advantage. Andrews consistently seems to have his worst games in inclement weather conditions. Lamar’s danger factor goes down in inclement weather because he can’t get the elite footing to consistently finish runs (case and point, in this game he probably slips right after he gets the first down when he makes that cut to the right).

The Buffalo weather is far more likely to nerf our offense than there’s IMO, as they can practice in those conditions and Allen is a power scrambler.

Oh well, the inclement weather should certainly help to make this game a potential ‘classic’ considering that 2018 QB class looks like it has the potential to overtake the 2004 QB class down the road if these young QBs keep it up... and with Jackson and Allen both ascended and the old timers going away soon, a snow game is probably just what the NFL’s doctor ordered.

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Bills run defence is middle of the pack, Ravens will run and keep running. Will they be able to keep pace with the bills though? it's  looking good right now anyways, but I just watched a game that was to be much bette r than it was 👏

Can the ravens defence and run game keep it close?  

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