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Baltimore V Bills Who Wins?

Baltimore V Bills   

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  1. 1. Who wins?

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2 minutes ago, Malfatron said:

more likely, youre going to cut lamar it seems.



Its crazy. If Lamar goes you have to ship out our entire locker room, coaching staff, and front office too.

thats not how the Ravens do business. Lamar is the Franchise

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5 minutes ago, SalvadorsDeli said:

Lol, I guess in time this will become some mythological Josh Allen game but in the meantime we gotta focus on Lamar. One horrible throw after a game spent showing how pathetic a job his GM and coaching staff has spent giving him any sort of support. As always, he is the whole story. 

So is Decosta good or not I was led to believe he was this scouting genius 

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Meh, Didn't think either QB played well, tbh. I thought both made one catastrophic mistake - Lamar's INT obviously, and Allen's sack fumble. Buffs defense was able to take advantage of the mistake, Baltimore's wasn't. 

I was watching hoping to be impressed enough by either team to get my hopes up of them challenging KC and that didn't happen. Good to see Buffalo in the AFC championship game but yeah KC is going to roll to the SB, unfortunately.


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18 minutes ago, Pats#1 said:

Officially a Bills fan for the remainder of the playoffs, unless of course TB makes it to the Super Bowl. (But I don't think that's likely).

It would be a huge story though. The Bills finally getting rid of Brady, winning the division and reaching the Superbowl online to face TB12 with another uniform? No matter who wins that game, it would be epic and perhaps franchise changer, specially for the Bills.

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2 minutes ago, CP3MVP said:

It’s almost like there’s a reason Greg Roman never became a head coach

Lets be clear that this Ravens offense is way better than his 49ers offense.

  • Kaepernick put up 45 total TDs in his 2 full seasons.
  • Jackson had 43 in 2019 alone. (and 33 this year)
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2 minutes ago, paraven said:

Jackson going in to year 4 and we still dont know if he can become a consistent thrower of the football 

Take this statement as a general comment or "No kidding sherlock" because it really applies to a lo of QBs.

If you have to have a top WR, top defense and a running game to make it to the Super Bowl, that is likely not going to happen. To get that combination is rare for even the best teams.
If you lucky you get two of those. 

You need team balance if you have a QB that can't uplift a squad.

Your QB has to be able to function successfully without those things and get you the win consistently in the playoffs. 

Specifically about Lamar: Last year he had the Top offense, top defense. Top running game: Came up short.
This year he had the top running game and top defense: Came up short.
If they can find him a Top WR, chances are he will be missing something else next year. Defense? Running game? 

Will he be able to overcome whatever that is and go deep in the playoffs?

I personally don't think so. 
But like others said. Ravens have invested in this style of offense. It's Lamar or bust. 

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It wasn't Allen's best game by any means. Credit to the Ravens D and disguising things well so that post snap he had to adjust. But there were enough throws this game either from the pocket or after he scrambled outside that helped win the game. 

Huge credit to Daboll for the play calling on the opening drive of the 3rd. 

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39 minutes ago, bigbadbuff said:

I’m 27. Idk wtf team sports success is. I saw the Yankees win a championship when i was 15... that’s it and i was sobbing.



Same here turn 27 in about 10 days. And all ive ever seen was Yankees championship and Syracuse winning title in 2003 when i was 9.... well up until this year when my favorite nascar driver Chase Elliott just won the championship 

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36 minutes ago, SkippyX said:

Jackson was MVP on merit last year.

  • He is 30-7 as a starter.
  • What he is doing works.

The playoffs could work out too if they played great on D and got a lead or stayed close.

Its hard to be 350 yard passing guy on demand in the playoffs when its not really the offense.


My biggest concern for him is that he needs to get better as a passer because he won't be a 1000 yard rusher as he gets older. Or worse, he could be Cam and only be a 1000 yard rusher as his passing gets worse.


I'm not talking about arm strength, or touch, or dog whistle 'reading defenses'.

I'm just talking about 480-520 passes a year instead of 380-400 passes a year because the greats get better with repetition in competition.

I like the Andy Reid plan of building a team that has a chance to win over 10 years instead of that short window.

McNabb never took the step to really improve as a passer. Lamar is a better talent and he should take that step.

I'm not sure if he can take it with Roman though, so there are some tough questions.

Maybe a wiz at QB coach can be the answer?


Jackson is the new era Vick. Fun, exciting, will make a great show during the regular season and highlight reels, but won't take you anywhere in the playoffs.

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