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2020 Divisional - 6) LA Rams @ 1) GB Packers

2020 Divisional - LA Rams @ GB Packers  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Los Angeles Rams
    • Green Bay Packers

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No doubt the Packers should win this game and if they do I feel great about them going to the Superbowl like I predicted before the season started.

I want to see if the Packers can finally beat a physical team. I think this Rams team is so similar to the Niners team that ran the Packers off the field in both meetings but in particular the playoffs. Jimmy G only threw the ball 8 times because the Packers couldnt stop Mostert. The Niners top defense got after ARod and shut everything down. Well the question mark is going to surround the Rams QB situation but it wont matter if Akers is running all over the Packers defense and the Rams defense is shutting everything down on the Packers offense. So I want to see if the Packers are truly different this season. When they went up against physical teams this year like the Bucs and the Colts it showed they werent physical enough. Now they got the Rams who are a physical team. So thats what Im going to look at. 


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Goff worries me, but I think LAR can give GB a horrible time. Ramsey is going to make it very hard to get Adams going, and the DL will make life uncomfortable for the Aarons. Very confident in all that. I think Rodgers can make it happen despite this though. Going for squeaker....

GB by 3

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