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Spinning Tires: Steelers 2021 Offseason and Beyond...


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Im excited to see the schedule. I look forward to watching Steelers National collapse after our schedule starts @KC, Baltimore, @Green Bay, @Buffalo, Cleveland and we start 1-4. 

Then watch the complete shift going on a 6-0 run against the Bengals, Bears, Broncos, Lions, Raiders, and Vikings.

Then having there be expectations and dropping a god awful loss to the Bengals at home, immediately having fans start working on a their Tomlin obituary.

Only to be followed by having us finish the season undefeated with the Ravens and Browns split, and beating the Seahawks, Titans, and Chargers. 

Finishing 12-5 with no one understanding how to feel. 

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12 hours ago, August4th said:

I think we'll put up a good fight against the Bills in week 1. our last match-up was closer than the score imo and we had like no linebackers/Haden was out in that game.

The Steelers have been badly out coached the last three times they played the Bills.

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7 minutes ago, August4th said:


Let's hope creaky ol' Ben can throw him the ball outside the numbers more than 10 yards down the field. On paper, JuJu playing outside really helps our offense. Let Claypool and Ebron cook inside and have JuJu and Diontae play outside. 

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On 5/13/2021 at 11:24 AM, August4th said:


All I want for Christmas is for the Steeler's to tell us that all three wide receivers can play all three spots and them actually mean it. JuJu can be our slot, I like him there...but he isn't an 80%er, especially in a short passing game. 

Move guys around, find mismatches, exploit weakness...I like what I am hearing about Canada, but know let's just see if he is effective. 

(and if Ben is bought in)

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The draft told me that they were committed to change things offensively in a schematic stand point. Green and Moore Excel in zone. I believe chuks will also if I’m remembering that he came from a zone heavy scheme also. I’m hopeful DDC can get back on track. However, banner, is my main question mark with the scheme change. I’m not saying the o-line is fixed. Time will tell on that. It wasn’t just our non-ability of running the ball. It was pass blocking also. Rewatch the second half of the Titans and the full games against the ravens. In my eyes, from there, Ben didn’t trust the o-line to give him time. He’s not Ben of 2014. He knows it and he showed it. He’s willing to take the chances if giving the time. Look at the Broncos, Jaguars, and the first game against the bengals for some examples of it.

Defensively: Tuitt, heyward, And Watt gives me comfort about our pass rush. Bush gives me Comfort in the middle. Along having Williams back due to veteran leadership. Im excited for Sutton. I thought he was our best cornerback last year. I know it’s just my opinion and doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right. I would of(I’m sure most would agree) kept Nelson and cut Haden. However, I do have belief that Nelson benefited more of having FitzPatrick on his side Instead of Edmunds. 

coaching wise, I’m concerned about Butler. The offense wasn’t the only thing that was getting predictable. You could call that mike Hilton blitz before the opposing offense even broke the huddle. Baker saw it and attacked it in the playoff game. I know That’s one example. It stuck out the most to me. Canada is yet to be determined. It very well work in our favor also if his style has success. Tomlin has his warts also. But there was no coaching candidates that had me screaming I want him over Tomlin. The front office seems to agree with that also with his extension.

overall, with the cap situation. I knew this team wasn’t going to look perfect on paper. Realistically, how many do? Maybe the Bucs?  How many times have the jags bought teams and how good were they(a team that has spent the more in FA in the last 10 years then any other team) include their high draft picks and developing them. This team CAN be very successful. I’m not saying they will though. I know there’s question marks in areas. I believe in the steelers process until they prove me wrong and are picking in the top 10 next year. 

I know this is random. However, as a fan, we get the ability to have hindsight at this time. 

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