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Spinning Tires: Steelers 2021 Offseason and Beyond...


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9 minutes ago, Dcash4 said:

Breaking news. 

That doesn't feel like it needed to be put out there? I dont know. That feels weird now. Feels like a response to the media, which is something I don't think a lot of big organizations do. 

I wasn't really expecting a lot from a statement, but I expected a little more than that...guess that's on me though. 

Right? Thanks for giving us so much info, Art lol

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Well it's gotta happen now

I feel like there's been a little bit of gamesmanship back and forth (in a positive way, not a negative way) to make sure all parties come off "looking good" regardless of the outcome

With this statement - if this ends up not working its going to come off as "Ben wasn't legit about not caring about the money and this was a money decision"

I don't think you make a statement like this unless its actually going to happen

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6 hours ago, wwhickok said:

This NEEDS to be his final year. That needs to be non-negotiable.  If this FO isn't capable of drafting a legitimate QB or at least developing a plan to do so beyond Ben, then this FO needs to go.

he was washed up a few years ago, and is wasting the core of this team which was good at one time.  I am tired of him running ruining the team . Sadly he has the team in his control and steelers fans will deal with it. I 'm tired of him, I doubt I will be able to watch until he is gone. Maybe if the defence is dominant as is the OL, but I already know the OLwill be sub par . I just don't like this team's operations and how it has been handled in recent years.  

The cap issues the league has doesn't help either, another reason why they should tell ben "just retire" 

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14 minutes ago, jebrick said:

They can extend him with team voidable years.  He does great then do not void the next year.  Otherwise...

Hard pass on this. (1) I doubt he’ll be “great”. (2) Now all you are doing is delaying the succession plan and potentially wasting primes of some players. 

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On 2/24/2021 at 6:38 PM, warfelg said:


Right. On. Freaking. Cue. 

This is starting to give me Brett Favre vibes.

A note in JuJu - I’m actually really confident we re-sign him. Ben has made it clear he wants him back and they have a tendency to do what Ben wants. Juju himself has said repeatedly he wants to stay in Pittsburgh and I think he might be willing to take a very team friendly deal to stay.

Don’t forget the guy makes absolute bank off twitch and other various “side hustles” and endorsements. He got paid 100k just to watch one NFL game on twitch. He’s built a massive brand for himself and part of that brand is being a Steeler. Obviously going to a city like Vegas, Miami, or New York would be great for his “brand” too but like I said I think he has really grown to love Pittsburgh.

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23 hours ago, Dcash4 said:

Adam Humphries is a very interesting name in a post JuJu world in the slot. I’d imagine he would cost about half in a first year cap hit. That’s pretty do-able. 

Duke Johnson is also interesting. I’d flip Jaylen Samuels for him on the roster right now at the bottom barrel price. He’s not your full time guy, but he could help a committee or be a pass catcher to a bell cow guy. 

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