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Spinning Tires: Steelers 2021 Offseason and Beyond...


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8 hours ago, bigben07MVP said:

Dupree replacement? I think Highsmith did enough last year to earn that title. OLB depth is certainly a need but not in the first round. We’ll see but as of now I have a hard time seeing us go defense at all in the 1st. OL, TE, RB, or QB if someone falls (Aaron Rodgers type situation) should be addressed. 

If he is BPA.  THere is a chance that all of the decent LT prospects are gone before the Steelers pick.  I would rather gt Collins than reach on a center or draft a WR or RB

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1 hour ago, warfelg said:

LB is deep in this draft and there’s no reason to spend the premium on a a position when other positions of need that aren’t deep will be available. 

It all just depends on how the board falls for me. I like Collins in the 1st or Browning in the 2nd. I don't really love the other ILBs. Not for us, at least. 

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What do you guys think of ar'darius Washington to replace Hilton & Sutton 

I think if he's there in the 2nd or 3rd you have to take a serious look. And use that combined money elsewhere (a veteran center, or young guy like Ethan pocic with some upside still)

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15 hours ago, wwhickok said:

2 part question here; Can we afford Kyle Rudolph? Should we consider him in free agency?

I doubt we could afford Rudolph. I would expect him to sign a deal at or above what we signed Ebron to last year. Based on what I’ve read, he was unhappy with his role and how he was utilized by the Vikings since they drafted Irv Smith. I definitely think the Steelers should at least kick the tires, but I wouldn’t expect him to be affordable. It would be nice to have someone of Rudolph’s caliber on our team as a 1B to Ebron as I don’t have faith that Ebron will stay healthy this upcoming season and our current depth is super thin at TE.

If he’s affordable, than I would be really excited for Steelers to get him.

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While I still love Zaven Collins, I'm starting to rethink my original idea of drafting him in the 1st. I wouldn't be mad, but I'm rethinking it. Vince Williams is still playing at a remarkably high level. He's 31, we'd only save 4M cutting him, he's a leader. I would give Vince a 2 year extension to lower his cap hit. When Vince is next to an athletic cover ILB, he's a beast. It's no surprise that his best years were next to Shazier and an experienced Devin Bush. I wouldn't be upset with an ILB somewhere in the mid rounds, but maybe not in the 1st. 

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