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Spinning Tires: Steelers 2021 Offseason and Beyond...


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13 minutes ago, bigben07MVP said:

Dont do it Juju. I was fine watching them ruin Bell’s career but not you...

I'm interested to see what happens here. It's obviously a great market for his brand....but JuJu made a lot of comments about talking to other guys who left and said the grass isn't always greener. I have always thought he was talking about Bell specifically - and this would be the exact scenario. Hit FA, market wasn't what they thought, Jets come calling.....


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1 hour ago, jebrick said:

What the Steelers ask their ILBs to do vs what a hybrid defense like the Ravens ask are much different.  Fort, in the Ravens defense plays downhill and is not asked to cover much if at all.  So he can be a pure read and react flow to the hole.  Now you are thinking " Isn't that what Spillane does?"  And you know in your secret heart that the Steeler ILB have much more coverage responsibilities ( I know now that you are fondly thinking of VWill covering AJ Green).


The Ravens let Yannick Ngakoue go because ( I think) he is not an OLB in their system.  He is a pure 9 tech and does not have the size to play over a OT like the Ravens need at times.  Even though they have a pure pass rushing position on the defense, they stopped playing Ngakoue  by the end of the last season all together.  Why?  Becasue he can't cover and set the edge like they need.

That's interesting. I never pay attention to other teams scheme. I knew Fort covered a decent amount with us, but that was in the dark times between Shazier and Bush. 

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17 minutes ago, August4th said:

any idea on who are some of the big time free agents next yr? I can see the steelers dipping their toe on Day1 next yr

I don't really expect the Steelers to spend top dollar next year, but I do expect them to actively fill voids in FA with more cash to spend. I dont think they are going to pull a Bill B, because that's driven by years of bad drafting. 

Really depends where our holes might be. If Banner and Chuks/Rookie look like capable book ends, we should be set. Is Decastro resigned, do we get a rookie C...

Right now TE is a spot I see us targeting, and there are some good names coming up -- a lot of which I assume will be resigned though. Mark Andrews, Gesicki, Njoku, Engram, Dissly, Howard. Some of those names wont knock your socks off, but that's a decent secondary list in the age range I think the Steelers buy in. 

Center: I dont see many quality names that are in the age range. 

Tackle: Chris Hubbard! Just kidding....

ILB: There are a lot of good names on 5th year options that need picked up, but I expect them too.... Roquon, Edmunds, Evans...Those first two names would rocket to the top of the FA list though, so probably priced out. 

CB: I think there are a lot of good, vet players on this list. Fuller, Gilmore, Chris Harris, Jason Verrett. If Haden left, there are some options for a stop gap quality Vet with more options of Sutton either inside or outside. But the Big names are Lattimore, JC Jackson with Jaire and Mike Hughes on 5th year options. Just really depends. I think there is more stop gap than starter. 


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I would try to sell JuJu on a 2 year, $20M deal. Make it a good cap hit in year 1 (thinking around $5M) and sell that he will hitting the market at the cap explosion in 2023 when he is 26 and we will have him be a focal point of this offense under Canada. 

If I am his agent.... I tell the Steelers to kick rocks because of the way they used JuJu last year and I start calling up the Packers and Chiefs about a one year, low rate shot at a title (playoff games being the key to large stage show offs for a premium payment the following year).  

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Damn, Justin Coleman signed for $2.75m! I really like the idea of him if we could get a low rate to replace Hilton and be able to play more dime with Sutton. 

I would probably have Sutton start, but Coleman would have for sure had a role. 

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