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2020 Divisional: #6 Cleveland Browns vs. #1 KC Chiefs

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6 minutes ago, TheKillerNacho said:

I mean you could go either way. But I can show you where it is in the NFL rulebook if you'd like. It's not a specific rule. It's the same rule. Just because you dislike it doesn't change that.

For the record I'm not opposed to changing it.

I never said the application of this rule was wrong. The argument from the beginning was that the rule itself is stupid and should be changed.

You're seemingly trying to argue that it makes sense because when a team punts or kicks, which is an act of purposefully giving up possession, and the ball goes out of bounds in the end zone it results in a touchback then it makes sense for when a fumble, which is not an act of a team purposefully giving up possession, goes out of bounds in the end zone it results in a touch back.

It makes infinitely more sense for the fumble rule anywhere else on the field to apply in this situation, not to randomly change to the same rule as if the team were punting or kicking off.

You argued that this would create a "situational" rule for fumbles and somehow overcomplicate things, when in reality the current rule in place is what creates the situational rule and overcomplicates things.

Could go either way...Jesus Christ man.

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