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I've missed you all over the last several years and I am thankful I was able to spend so much time with many of you back in there day. I know not all of you were fans of me as I was a pretty hard headed 20 year old back in my mod days (hope you can look past that MWil) and I could be a bit of a prick. I made a stupid, stupid, stupid, ignorant comment that got me banned and I had discussions with Webby that fractured our relationship beyond repair. I've accepted that I'll never be allowed back, but don't think I don't check in from time to time to see this forum continue to dominate FF. Webby, I'm sorry for breaking the rules yet again, but I needed to send a message to my guys and gals. 

Thanks to guys like Ditchdigger (one of the OG mods) this forum boomed early on in this websites existence. We used to do Forum wide mocks, fantasy football leagues and had all sorts of fun. I'm sorry that I am no longer able to participate and even though my actions were over a decade ago and I've learned and grown from my mistakes as I've grown out of many bad habits now having a family (we just had another baby girl on January 5th!), I'm accountable for the actions that got me kicked off of the website for being a dumb college kid that said and did dumb things. 

The group of people that I spent my days and nights with in this forum were one of the best things to happen to me and I'll never forget you all. 

This beatdown of Pittsburgh was for Joe (Crakburn). Tracy, if you happen to read this, just know that I think about Joe regularly when Cleveland plays. I'm so happy he was able to meet Joe Thomas. 

If you'd like to reach me, feel free to email me at DefinitelyAGhost1@gmail.com and I'd be happy to stay in touch. I appreciate what you all bring to the forum. Keep making FF Browns great and keep representing the Cleveland Browns. Ditch, Natedawg and mistakey, my phone number hasn't changed if you still have it. Feel free to reach out. 

PS - Thank God for Kevin Stefanski - if we had hired Josh McDaniels, I may have had to leave the fanbase. Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski are such difference makers to the culture and it's incredible that we've finally found our front office studs to get the Cleveland Browns in the right direction. 11 win season and a playoff win in a Covid season - I don't even know how to feel or where to put my hands. 

PSS - Biggest way to stop Pat Mahomes is TOP - let's keep him off the field. Raiders won earlier in the year with 30+ rushes and 35 minutes of game time. Avoid offensive three and outs and make big plays, while avoiding the big play on defense. LET'S GO BROWNIES, LET'S GO WOOF WOOF. 


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8 minutes ago, DawgX said:

I still don't know why DB got banned and I think I'm probably the only one from those days who's still out of the loop.

I haven't been around long enough, but I don't either 

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DawgX - I was banned for posting something insanely ignorant in the entertainment section of the forum. Webby gave me opportunities to come back, but I was stubborn and instead of taking the right path to ensure I could return, I screwed up and pushed my limits which made my ban lifetime. I then continued to open up accounts, use proxies and try to get back on, but I was never subtle about it. I wish I could go back and handle things differently, but I simply didn't. It was definitely a growth experience. I grew up around really ignorant people and it sadly took me until my late 20's to realize just how screwed up some of the views I had were and it ultimately affected my FF relationship and my relationship with Webby. Hindsight is 20/20. 

A few guys on the forum have spent time with me in person, most notably Ditch. I'd like to think he knows that I'm a good dude at heart with good intentions, but with how combative I could be online and with the idiotic way I handled my ban, I could see why folks may have an alternative view. Granted, when I was a poster and mod on this forum, I was between 18-21 years old. I was a stupid kid. I'm 100% responsible for why I was banned and in no way can I blame Webby for the treatment I've been given. 

I'm just happy to see this Browns forum thriving. I miss and love all y'all. 

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Special shout out to the following folks - I know I'm going to forget some names, but just putting together a list - even though I didn't have a great relationship with all of you (looking at you LETSGOBROWNIES, buno, MWil), you all had a significant impact in the forum and helped make it great. I'm sorry if I left you out, but it's literally been over a decade since I've been on consistently. Thank you for everything. 



Also, if oaktownOG is still around - I'm so sorry man - I was an idiot. You were right. 


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1 hour ago, DefinitelyAGhost said:

I know not all of you were fans of me as I was a pretty hard headed 20 year old back in my mod days (hope you can look past that MWil) and I could be a bit of a prick.

Haha 😂 bro it’s from 13-16 years ago. We are good man! 

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