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3 minutes ago, ReggieCamp said:

Welcome to the party brother!

Hope you don't get banned again for this thread lol.

This is probably a good place to post the updated version of this beauty:


Please go post this in the Browns vs. Steelers thread in NFL Gen. LOL.

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Let's go beat these Chiefs. They're not unbeatable and they have holes in the defense. Our biggest challenge will be Travis Kelce, although Tyreek just needs one or two big plays to make a huge impact. 

Best thing we can do is play Vrabel ball and control the clock. Keep Mahomes off the field, sustain long drives, run the football and set up the play action pass. Let's stop rolling out to the left for PA and roll out right, where Baker really thrives. Also, Austin Hooper - catch the frickin' football. 

Our defense played conservative last night because we really had to cover for Robert Jackson, and our secondary is already in shambles. It'd be nice if Andrew Sendejo showed up to make a play - I've only been waiting 17 games for him to do something productive. The interesting thing about Mahomes is that he does better than almost all quarterbacks under pressure - sending an extra guy may not have as big of an impact as we'd like. I'd like to see us ensure Kelce doesn't make big plays, while keeping Tyreek in check. It's going to be tough because all of their offensive weapons can hurt us, which again emphasizes a need to keep our offense on the field. 

This is a winnable game even with the injuries/Covid list we've sustained on defense. We should get Bitonio and Conklin back as well as having our coaching staff present for the game. 

Most importantly our defense is playing hard - not unlike how the Buckeyes defense played against Clemson, forcing 3rd downs and making the opposing offense earn scores - bend but don't break is going to be the philosophy. The culture is different in Cleveland. It's a winning culture. It's a team first culture. These dawgs are HUNGRY. It's up to somebody unexpected to make a play - we need to see more plays like MJ Stewart who has done very well filling in. Notice after he was scored on, he came out the next drive and had two huge tackles on Juju, allowing us to stop the Steelers on 3rd down forcing a punt (which they should have never done). While MJ isn't going to play flawless, we need that short memory because in today's NFL you're going to give up points, it's just a fact. 

I could probably write 2500 more words, but I'm a bit exhausted with this new kiddo. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to share my thoughts with you guys and again, thank you for everything. You guys represent the best fanbase in the world. 

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11 minutes ago, DefinitelyAGhost said:

Sadly it's not permanent - Webby will log in soon and I'm sure his inbox has been spammed with notifications of my post. 

I mean, it’s been a decade lol.  

That’s like two lifetime bans in internet years 

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