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Divisional Round GDT: Ravens @ Bills. Saturday Night Football!

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11 minutes ago, DreamKid said:

Good game and good luck fellas. So happy you were the team to eliminate the Ravens. Now go win it all for the AFC!!!

F&ck the Browns & Chiefs.


3 minutes ago, wackywabbit said:

GG. You guys deserved the win. Rooting for you guys to go all the way!

Much love fellas. Hoping Lamar is all good!

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9 hours ago, Kmart128 said:

We get an extra days rest and can study the Browns/Chiefs game. Slight advantage that i love having.

Yup! Outside of being the first game on WC weekend we have been benefiting from a days rest longer than our opponent. 

I would love to take down KC while on the road but it would be so great to host the AFC championship game in Orchard Park.

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46 minutes ago, bigbadbuff said:

Can’t believe we are one of the final four teams remaining. Amazing.

In so many ways this season has succeeded my expectations. From Allen's progression, McDermott's aggressiveness, the win total, and now two home playoff wins. Just unbelievable. 

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What a game, I was struggling with this one and glad the Bills came out on top. As soon as the game started Edwards ripped off two long runs of 11 and 12 yards and I was like welp same old run defense the bills have been doing all year long. Then something clicked in and held them to a missed fg. That is when the bills started clicking on defense they bent but never broke and that is what they need to do with KC. The offense did struggle quite a bit and left points off the board which could have been bad. I know the Ravens shut down the titans particularly Henry but why not 1 design run in the 1st half? This running game is worrisome and I am not just talking about this season. I just dont see Singletary nor Moss being the #1 guy on this team. I think they are both solid #2s and you have to think does Rb be a pick early on. I believe I mentioned before Etienne or Najee be a great addition I still think this is something that may happen. Like KC last year I wouldn't be shocked if bills follow up with one of these 2 with their 1st pick, but we can discuss that in the offseason. Either way this game was a thriller and Taron has stepped up being the guy at the Slot some may have ripped him early on but he has had 2 big pick 6s that have been the reason they won those games, they built the momentum off of those to finish it out.

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