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2021 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

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5 minutes ago, Trojan said:

Does reserve bidding show as a team is targeting? I remember seeing someone write that pages back, but just to clarify if they do or not

I'm going to say yes.

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7 minutes ago, ny92mike said:

I can't even remember to be honest with you....does someone have an answer to this?

Yes, it does. Cincy has 6 reserve bids in which is why we have so many players showing bids on them. 


For next year I think reserve bids shouldn't appear in the sheet but I do like the idea of showing how many teams are bidding on a player.

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You guys need to stop bidding on my targets please, very good chance I wake up with Zero signings.

Saying that I really hope all teams participate in round 1 of free agency.

Its a shame when there are no shows. Even though real life happens.

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1 hour ago, ny92mike said:

Gonna step out for a bit.  Got a hot date with lefty.

mary GIF


13 minutes ago, ny92mike said:

fam just showed up so I'll be on long enough to pull data at 8 est.

Good Luck everyone.

mixed messages

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Alright I've changed your editing rights to view only in the FA transaction workbooks and have recorded the results.

Will get back on as soon as possible.  Feel free to talk about your offers now.

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