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2021 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

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Just now, MikeT14 said:

What do you like? I’m watching some ****ty Jaime Lannister movie on prime called the silencing

Peanut Butter Falcon ain’t bad,  kinda different but it’s good 

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10 minutes ago, sparky151 said:

Yes, the signing bonuses should be dropping as well as contract length requirements. Tyler Eifert wanted a 5 year contract!

Some of my backup players are asking for signing bonuses greater than a year's pay when they may not even make the team.

Adjusted the numbers.

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25 minutes ago, ny92mike said:

Got to say...this has not been my best mock.  I'm so ready to get this new build underway for next year.  Long overdue.



I love the draft so far. Excellent organization on the draft prospect sheet.

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9 hours ago, Trojan said:

I think this mock has gone well, the only weird thing about it is no combine but that's just what it is this year

That might be part of what’s making it so smooth. Everyone’s rankings are very different, so there’s less mess trying to get in front of others and crap.

Combine is the great equalizer. Everyone wants an ideal h/w/speed guy.

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12 hours ago, ny92mike said:

Got to say...this has not been my best mock.  I'm so ready to get this new build underway for next year.  Long overdue.



You need to fix the discount rates on the FA sheets because they don’t calculate correctly.

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10 hours ago, MKnight82 said:

Shaun Wade got absolutely shredded in the NTG.

He was bad all year then made several All-American teams. He was good in 2019 when playing the slot but isn't an outside corner.

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Tampa bay free agency (so far) would welcome your feedback.

start with the negatives

Lost Shaq Barrett and Lavonte David . I wasn’t prepared to pay David 25 million or Barrett 28.7 million a year. I also missed out on bringing back Suh but didn’t want to pay more than 11 million per year and missed out massively by 6 million a year. Don’t like losing these players but all monster contracts offered and I wouldn’t have offered more even if I had chance.

i would have also looked to bring back A Brown on a 1 year deal for 3-4 mil but I see he got 10 mil a year so again I wouldn’t have been close.

That is a lot of talent to lose from the roster.

Free agency success

Round 1

David Andrews - C - 2.6 mil apy

Matt Feiler - RT/G - 4.5 mil apy

John Johnson - S - 13.1 mil apy

Brought in 2nd best free agent centre for great value. Signed Feiler who is pencilled in as Right tackle but gives me line flexibility should I need to move Marpet to Centre or if Wilson steps up. Paying less than 5 mil is a hit in my opinion.

Johnson was my number 1 first round target and makes a good pairing with Winfield Jnr or Whitehead.

Round 2

Trey Hendrickson - OLB - 19.1 mil apy

Aaron Jones - RB - 13.1 mil apy

Denzel Perryman - LB - 4.8 mil apy

Ryan Succop - resign - K - 2.28 mil apy

so I overspent slightly on Hendrickson and but needed to replace Barrett and won bid on Adjusted value only. I also needed to look at linebackers to replace David. Very poor selection of linebackers available and looked at Brown or Perryman. Decided on Perryman as a 2 down backer rather than Brown who is great in coverage but can’t tackle, it’s quite clear that David can’t be easily replaced. I then realised I had lots of cap space as I couldn’t bring back those listed above, Was going to bid on A number of backs but most of them would cost 10mil. Whilst I don’t like doing so I thought WTH and got Jones,

Succop is a no brainer. I may have been able to get him later but he was most important of my resigns.

Round 3 and 4 

Rob Gronkowski - resign - TE- 2.1 mil apy

Efe Obada - 34DE - 1.1 mil apy

Corey Bojorquez - P - 980k apy

Tyler Lancaster - 34DE - 925k apy

George Odum - S - 925k apy

Gronk no brainer pretty cheap deal. Obada position flexibility and good sack number on limited snaps last year.
Last three players brought in with no SB so good roster boost, Lancaster is a strong MF and got some good game experience last season. Odum is brought in for special teams, Bojorquez should win kicker job.

Round 5 and 6

Mike Hilton - NB - 6.9 mil apy

Ross Cockrell - resign - NB - 1.3 mil apy

Isaiah McKenzie - WR - 3.4 mil apy

Dane Jackson - CB - 842k apy

Joe Haeg - Resign - RG - 1 mil apy

Needed a inside corner and couldn’t wait any longer on Hilton due to other bids. Picked up Dane Jackson on cheap deal showed plenty of upside and not sure why there were a lack of bids he will start as 4th cab behind, Dean, Davis and SMB so secondary looks really strong.

Mckenzie was targeted for a long time and I hoped he would drop a little further he will come in and be used in a variety of functions including becoming primary return man.

Haeg and Cockrell resigns on cheap deals both contributed last year and deserve the chance to fight for those roster spots.

in a position to go BPA for rest of the draft.


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