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2021 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

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5 minutes ago, squire12 said:


Nice pick.  I debated Herbert vs Jefferson a few rounds ago

I'm a homer, but sometimes a reasonable one. NO reason he should be there in the 7th. 

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Couple 6th and 7th round flyers I like:

Panthers: Ta'Quon Graham - I think there's a chance this guy could outplay his draft position. Just needs to work hard and want it. 

Bills: Sam Ehlinger - In the 6th sitting behind Josh Allen is a great place for him. If he's got a small chance this was a good start.


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In case if there is any discussion about changing Ravens' "final" pick I am okay with it.  He at least made the effort to participate in TCMD during the waning days.  Dolphins GM was online but never bothered to finish up his work so you know the answer.

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BB for Saints' final pick.  I just need a run blocking player.


Shaun Beyer - TE - Iowa D-0378 TE
Ben Mason - FB - Michigan D-0515 FB
Luke Farrell - TE - Ohio State D-0276 TE
John Bates - TE - Boise State D-0223 TE
Mason Stokke - FB - Wisconsin D-0291 FB
Tory Carter - FB - LSU D-0409 FB
Briley Moore - TE - Kansas State D-0054 TE
Ean Pheifer - TE - Louisville D-0585 TE




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Yeah some good 7th round picks left...I was surprised to see cade Johnson still left. I almost took him with my 5th round pick 

Another senior bowl stand out to go with David moore

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