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Raiders hire Gus Bradley as DC

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1 minute ago, Humble_Beast said:

I don’t know how I feel about that, DL seem to take a step back 

Not only that but if Maliek Collins was a FA pickup that Marinelli pounded the table for, then we really need to consider allowing Gus Bradley to bring in his guys and tell Marinelli to kick rocks.  I always assumed Marinelli was the sure fire replacement and this just kind of throws his future into the unknown.  I don't really understand why we would continue to keep Marinelli with Bradley hired.

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2 minutes ago, bucksavage1 said:

What team doesn't have injury issues? Chargers at all levels had high end draft picks. I think the talent had more to do with Tom Telesco and the scouting department. However, Im optimistic he is better than what we had before. Let's just hope he isnt like our last several DCs ......where it looked like the entire league had our plays

Sometimes I wonder how good some of our players could have been if we had a coach with a resume of having top 10 units.  When have we ever had a DC come in with Bradley's resume?  Have we had a DC come in that had a record of top 10 units in their past?  Not recently at least.

We have high end picks too.  Hopefully Bradley can get the best out of them.  I think he'll do more for them than Guenther ever could.

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