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What’s the consensus on Kliff Kingsbury?

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He’s Coach Bro, bro...  No discipline whatsoever and gets routinely out coached.  Players coaches have a longer leash because they’re not hard*** whereas the team quit on Wilks right away.  But that last only so long if they know you’re in over your head.  It was a bold move by Michael Bidwill overlooking his college record but he overestimated the fit with Murray because they were in the same conference.  If Kliff is going to be a success he needs a better coaching staff or Kyler to be generational.  Neither look to be the case going forward.  

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1 hour ago, JAF-N72EX said:

Remember when (seemingly) every team in the league was trying to hire anyone associated with McVay, all the way down to his dog groomer, to be a HC? 

Cards signed Kliff Kingsbury, Bengals signed Zac Taylor, and the Packers signed Matt Lefluer.  The results have been a total mixed bag so far.

Kingsbury has a 13-18-1 record, 0 division titles and 0 playoff appearances.
Zac Taylor has a 6-25-1 record, 0 division titles and 0 playoff appearances.
Matt Lefluer has a 27-7 record, 2 division titles and 2 playoff appearances. 

One thing they all have in common though is they all drafted a QB in the 1st round. 

Kingsbury has no ties to Mcvay

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He failed upward into a cushy spot. 

The Cardinals have some holes left to plug, so I won't call him an utter failure just yet. 

I think he would have benefitted from being an OC for a bit given that his time at Texas Tech wasn't all that great and wasn't nearly as big of a job as he landed. That said, he's also coaching in the division that has 3 of the best HCs in the league, each of whom always have a handful of assistants getting looked at for HC positions seemingly every year. He's an offense guy, while Carroll has usually made his mark with D, the Rams have Donald and always seem to have good D's and coordinators, and Robert Saleh is one of the league's finest. McVay and Shanahan are well proven offense guys, and Seattle has one of the best QBs and several top notch WRs. 

It was never going to be easy righting the ship in Arizona while the Seahawks, 49ers, and Rams all seem to be high caliber playoff contenders on an annual basis (49er injury extravaganza aside). At the very least, Kingsbury hasn't fallen totally flat and into double-digit loss territory, so he can be proud of the job he's done. He should be. I don't know if he'll ever elevate the team to perennial contender status or not, but I'd say he's done well enough to earn some leeway in Arizona and a second shot elsewhere down the line if it doesn't work out long term in the desert. 

We've definitely seen worse jobs done in easier situations, that's for sure.

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2 hours ago, CP3MVP said:

The pats loss was inexcusable lol. 

Add it to the Lions, Panthers, and 49ers losses.


I think he should be moved to OC and we should hire a different head coach, but that is obviously not gonna happen so i hope we just get an actual OC this year. 

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Mediocre head coach with a QB who is on the verge of "being who he is" in a year if he doesn't make the necessary strides. Kyler isn't bad at all and I think he's pretty good...but he was billed as a Top 10 guy at one point this year, and I think that's a joke.

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