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League source: Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy will be back in 2021

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2 minutes ago, JAF-N72EX said:

Yes, that's correct. Seeing the name jogged my memory. He thought they needed a 3rd string QB and sent a 5th round to some team and put Brett 3rd on the depth chart. 

According to Wolfe, the Jets had Favre #1 on their board but didnt have a 1st round pick.  Wolfe didnt think they had a shot him and was trying to trade into the 1st to get him.  After the 1st he fully believed they were to be able to get him, the ATL snuck in right in front of them and they ended up w/ Browning Nagle.  

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7 hours ago, Superman(DH23) said:

UDFA who, from what John Jurko says, refused to take reps in practice.  

Atlanta thought they had fleeced GB on that trade.  They thought he was terrible.  He was absolutely a bust in ATL.  

I'd argue ATL's staff was incompetent, not that he actually was a bust. Splitting hairs, but I'd guess you and I both wouldnt call any of our draft picks here a bust after one season. Even if I dislike the pick like I did Kmet I'd still completely acknowledge the jump in competiti ok n level and actual skill development needed for the transition from college to pro. 

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