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Determining the sites for CFP title games 11-20, and afterward


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Once the CFP completes its 10th title game, it will have played 10 title games in non-cold weather venues. But to me, real football is played in the harshest of conditions.

A lot of college games up north in the final weeks of the season are played in cold temperatures, sometimes with snow even. The NFL plays deep enough that by the time the regular season has ended, it is already winter in the US, and stages its entire playoffs in the winter, and inevitably, many games played outdoors up north in December and January (and sometimes even before that) will be played in cold temperatures and sometimes with snow.

Before the Super Bowl was even a thing, the NFL frequently staged championship games at the home stadiums of one of the participating teams, and more often than out, the site was a cold-weather venue. On the other hand, the AFL staged only 3 of its title games in cold weather venues, all of them in the state of New York (two in Buffalo, one in NYC, the latter was a rematch of the Heidi Game, and would serve as a precursor to the Jets shocking the world by winning Super Bowl 3, after Joe Namath guaranteed such).

To this day, the NFL stages playoff games in the cold, but has only staged one Super Bowl in a cold-weather venue  - 48 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, and the success of pulling that off should convince the NFL and CFP to stage more title games in cold-weather venues.

Alright, CFP title games 11-20 should be held in cold-weather venues. After that, they can alternate between warm weather or dome, and cold weather. I just want the score to be even.

Based on age and amenities, the following NFL stadiums would be in line to host CFP title games 11-20, in no particular order:

Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri (home of the Kansas City Chiefs)
FedExField in Landover, Maryland (home of the Washington Football Team)
FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio (home of the Cleveland Browns)
Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts (home of the New England Patriots)
Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (home of the Pittsburgh Steelers)
Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin (home of the Green Bay Packers)
Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (home of the Philadelphia Eagles)
M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland (home of the Baltimore Ravens)
MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey (home of the New York Jets and New York Giants) - as previously mentioned, hosted Super Bowl 48
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio (home of the Cincinnati Bengals)

Most of these metro areas have many attractions you could visit year-round, as well as skiing, ice skating, and other winter-only activities. Green Bay not so much, but they would join forces with Milwaukee to host all the surrounding festivities.

If cold-weather venues are gonna want to start evening the score with non-cold weather venues, then the games have to be awarded to these cities years before they are played.

Once these 10 stadiums have hosted CFP title games 11-20, then as I mentioned earlier, the CFP title game can alter between a non-cold weather venue, and a cold-weather venue. Doing that starting with the 21st CFP title game will make it fair for everyone. And there would possible be cold-weather CFP games before the title game with my Mason-Dixon 8-team format. which would place two regional semifinals outside the South, and most of them would take place in a Midwestern or Northeastern venue.

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I just think it should be like the hunger games. Like an All-Star team of CFP performers. After 10 years, the 10 game MVPs all meet in an arena and fight to the death. Obviously this will take place somewhere north of the Mason Dixon line, preferable with active precipitation. That’s how real football looks.

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