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We will know early if we have a shot. Can we dominate the LOS and get Akers going from the jump? If so, we have a good chance.

If they are stopping Akers and we have to rely on Goff throwing the ball, I'm pretty going to start drinking. 

Defensively, I feel good. My buddy is a Packers fan and says they are terrible coming off a bye. I think the weather factor is being completely overblown(haha). We played in 37 degrees last week and this week is going to be like 30? 

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One thing nobody has mentioned was ARod has never beaten a team in the playoffs that had the #1 pass defense. Not saying that will continue but it’s something to make you pause and think. 

I truly think if Ramsey locks down on Adams, ARod could really struggle just because he is going to keep targeting him no matter what. It’s Adams over and over again then Adams over and over again then the next closest targets which is Jones and MVS both tied. Adams 115 targets then Jones/MVS 63. My guess would be more Jones because MVS is a deep ball guy and the Rams are great at stopping the deep ball. Plus ARod is going to have to get rid of the ball quickly due to the pressure by Donald and company. 

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Just now, Car_Ramrod said:

Well. Those 2 throws over the middle to Reynolds and Rowo looked right on the money. Let’s go

Seriously what the hell did I just see lol PLEASE be a Goff game 👀 

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