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Broncos hire George Paton as new General Manager

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7 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

He’s been in the mix for GM jobs for a long time and turned down some good opportunities. Feel good about this hire.

You should.

This sucks as a Vikings fan. Happy he is getting an opportunity though.

They should have fired Spielman, and promoted him. This is some Mike Tomlin level Vikings nonsense

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Honestly, other than Adam Peters (who seems destined to head to CAR), I can't think of a better GM selection.   Given how bad we've been recently, our iffy ownership situation, and the spectre of Elway still having influence, I was worried we wouldn't get a great GM candidate (but absolutely was on board with moving on from Elway, because we need to have fresh eyes figure out our QB situation).    We've got a lot of talent on O except at QB (and RB long-term, but that's easiest to replace).     We'll have to replenish talent on the DL and CB's for our D (and if Fangio stays beyond 2021, get an alpha MIKE), but really, this all starts and ends with QB.   

As great as Elway was in the 2011-2015 era, his post-Peyton era was marked by his inabiltity to ID and develop QB talent.   In the end, it was his biggest Achilles (along with using a win-this-year approach in years we weren't close, but apparently ownership may have been the driving force, giving the void after Pat Bowlen died, so I can accept it may not have been all him - but the results from that approach were absymal).    But Elway's ability to draft talent on Day 3, and then his recent success from 2018 onwards in the early rounds, was the one plus I'd hope we preserved with a new hire.  On that count, Paton's track record as a talent evaluator, and MIN's draft success, can only be seen as a plus.    You get a GM hire with that level of draft success, and a different, fresh approach from Elway's QB methods, well it's about as much of a win-win scenario as I could for an org that's been so mired in failure the last 4 years.

Paton's success or failure will hinge on his ability to draft well, and find a QB.   It's that simple.    Not easy, but simple.  His evaluation of talent, and the MIN draft record, is worth being optimistic about.   It will take time to find out if it's warranted, but no reason to be anything but hopeful here.

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2 minutes ago, SteelKing728 said:

Its gonna be weird when Zimmer and Spielman leave and our longtime guys in the wings, Kevin Stefanski and George Paton are already gone.

I seem to recall a lot of Vikings fans didn't think losing Stefanski was a big deal.

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