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Broncos hire George Paton as new General Manager

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2 hours ago, vikingsrule said:

Unfortunately, QB is the one position that Spielman and Co have failed at. They can build a great team but have made many questionable decisions (Ponder, Bradford, Cousins) and bad luck (Bridgewater). Not sure how much of the blame goes to Spielman or Paton or coaching but there’s been a consistent struggle on drafting and developing a QB. The most success they’ve had has been signing Cousins but the result of this move cost the team financially.

I wanted to move on from Spielman to get fresh eyes on QB evaluation and I wasn’t confident that Paton would be much better.  But he is well deserving of a shot to prove he can do it. 

Thats the problem with Denver too, their pick is almost always out of the range of the 'elite' QB talent in every draft so they are stuck trying to develop the 4th-6th best option (which they have failed Osweiler/Lock) or signing retread vets (Flacco/Keenum) and making it work.

The only thing they havent done in 20 years is try selling the farm for a big draft day trade into the top 2 or 3 picks to take a top tier talent. Which, if Im Denver, I think they will do this year with either Wilson or Fields.

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17 hours ago, Counselor said:

All these goobers quoting thee George Patton when this George is George Paton with one t. Cute reaches guys.

I think the biggest surprise I had is that it is pronounced "Peyton" not how "Patton" is said.  


19 hours ago, TENINCH said:

Has Manning qualities!

I mean they are both "Peytons"

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On 1/13/2021 at 12:03 PM, Broncofan said:

Paton's success or failure will hinge on his ability to draft well, and find a QB.   It's that simple.    Not easy, but simple.  His evaluation of talent, and the MIN draft record, is worth being optimistic about.   It will take time to find out if it's warranted, but no reason to be anything but hopeful here.

As does every other GM's success in the NFL and yet they're getting fired every year. So, not simple nor easy.

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