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2021 Roster Moves


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As the end of the 2020 season is near even teams still in play for the Superbowl start making moves for the 2021 season (future/reserve contracts).

The Chiefs have made two so far:

QB Anthony Gordon, an UDFA originally signed by Seattle last year
WR Antonio Callaway, a Brown's fourth round pick in 2018 who ran into some serious issues a year later (PED, showing up late, drug related issues and another suspension for whatever). Obviously a talented guy who started some for the Browns in 2018, but "another Chiefs' reclamation project"? By now the Chiefs have to be careful about guys like that ... I get a feeling they build some kind of reputation, even if it is on stories without serious background (Hill: cleared; Baker: cleared; Hunt: fired; Bieniemy's past popping up as well ...)

I'll keep track of them in the Offseason thread as well ... but justv in case they need discussion .. here we go ...

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Now that was a quickie on the PS again for Jordan Ta'amu who has been released to make room for Gehrig Dieter (again). However, the team will sign him to a future contract for 2021. That makes it Mahomes, Henne, Gordon and Ta'amu for the offseason. Wonder if there's room for Moore (if he wants to stay).

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