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6 hours ago, dll2000 said:

We have to have this guy.   I don’t really care if he is worst QB in league. Let’s go. 




Did the McCaskey's just buy a majority interest in GQ?  LOL

If we fail to get a QB we like in the draft and JAX will trade him cheaply enough I'd be fine with doing it.  We haven't had a punky QB in decades.

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13 minutes ago, soulman said:

And I still say as a pro Trask will be Shane Matthews v2.0.  If we're drafting for a career #2 sure, why not toss his name in the hopper too.  But I don't believe that's our goal not should it be.  We've drafted waaaaay too many of his type over time already.  Just say no.

I'm not so sure about that. But I AM sure that they should grab Mills or Mond long before they should get Trask. 

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Interesting thread.  Watch videos and bottom guys are missing people left and right. 

Watch Darnold and he is under pressure and/or no one is open on almost every throw.  Trying doing that down in and down and out.  Trying doing that while playing from behind in every game.  

Tell me it is fair to judge him in time with Jets at 23 and less years old.

Why I think he still has a chance to recover. 




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