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Steelers to move on from OC Randy Fichtner

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2 hours ago, RamblinMan99 said:

Butler was an absolute downgrade after having LeBeau for the previous 10 years.  

Rooneys were lazy and frugal as always.  Just moving the next guy up from the payroll.  Never looking for anybody from the outside.  

Tomlin should have been gone after we lost Super Bowl 45.  I've been saying this for years now.  

But, he's got a job for life in Pittsburgh.  He's not going anywhere.  

He can go 8-8 consecutively for the next 5 years (you know, "never having a losing season") and Rooney will keep him.  

Hell, he can go under 500 for that same time span, and he'll still keep his job.  

And, it's for very, very obvious reasons.  


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6 hours ago, RamblinMan99 said:

The Rooneys always do it the nice way.  

"Well, we kind of ran out of money sooo...."  

It's never going to be in the fashion of somebody like Jerry Jones (ousting somebody while they're already down and talking directly to the press about it).  

The Rooney's do not always do it the nice way. Or at least, they didn't used to. They would outright fire people instead of this letting contracts expire and "retiring" people. This is an Art II thing.

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