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To what extent should quarterbacks (or players in general) be allowed to influence head coach hires

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44 minutes ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Correct me if I'm wrong (or Cowherd, coz I got it from him....) but Baker was the factor in getting Kitchens as HC? I agree with Forge. Individual basis. But you probably have to acknowledge the opinion will be heavily biased of course

That’s different. Baker didn’t hand pick freddie. In ‘18 the relationship that freddie formed with Baker was a big reason he got the job. 

it wasn’t just Freddie who was the issue. More info came out after the fact. There was a nice article that came out a few weeks ago that discussed this. Freddie had some issues with his OC, I believe Freddie didn’t hire him. There was drama with the analytical department trying to be way to hands out and what not. It is the article that came out that ppl have been using to show how much OBJ cares about the team and success. That he had called meetings with Freddie Monken and Baker to clear the air and try and solve the issues.  Not too surprised by the article after you hear the things Monken was saying to opposing coaches in pre game. 

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