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Predict what we do with the #19 pick game. (Rules inside)

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Ok...this game is very simple. 

All you have to do is predict what the Washington Football Team will do with their 19th pick in the first Rd.

But there is a catch!

It must be different than everybody else's prediction.

For example:

1) If someone says we will draft QB Trey Lance @19? Then you MUST select a different player @#19. This includes trade up/down scenarios. Trey Lance would be off the board for everyone. So read the posts & replies.

2) If someone says we will trade down? That person doesn't have to be specific with the compensation package, but that team they had us trading with cannot be used for anyone else on a trade down scenario. Same with trading up in the draft as well. So if someone has us trading down with the Chiefs & selecting QB Trey Lance? Then not only can nobody else draft Trey Lance, but the Chiefs are eliminated as a trade down partner.

3) If a person trades our #19 pick away for a specific player. (Like #19 to Detroit for QB Mathew Stafford for example) Then that trade scenario with Detroit cannot happen again for another prediction. But you could use Detroit as a trade up partner for a draftee player, however. (Since it wouldn't involve Stafford)

Keep in mind that the whole draft isn't completely set on who picks where, since the Playoffs are ongoing.

So if your trading down with Washington & their 19th pick? You can just mention the team rather where they select. (You can say Chiefs, since they may or may not be picking 32 & winning it all...again)

But trading up, should be no problem since it is set.

Remember, early bird gets the 🐛. The earlier you reply & participate, the more options you will have on what you want to do with that #19 pick.

We will keep this till draft day, to see who gets it right, or comes closest.

I will keep a list on this main thread, on who has predicted what from #1, #2 & so on from the replies here & by your user name.

Once I list you here on this page & prediction, you cannot edit your prediction. Remember that!

I will not be participating. My sole job is just to keep track of every user, the order of the predictions by replies on this thread, etc.

This thread and your predictions will close on 1st Round Draft Day @ Midnight. (Or draft day Eve, if you will) Every member of Football Future is welcome to participate in this game, but I'm keeping it in the team forum.

So good luck! 👍 (If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them in this thread) 


1) e16bball= Trading down w/Baltimore & selecting LB Nick Bolton. 

2) Miket14= Selecting LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

3) Lavar703= Selecting WR Jaylen Waddle

4) ArtMonkHOF= Selecting RB Najee Harris

5) Parrothead= Selecting CB Rodarius Williams

6) MKnight82= Selecting OT Christian Darrisaw

7) Loganf89= Trading down w/Pittsburgh & Selecting LB Zaven Collins.

😎 Turtle28= Selecting LB Dylan Moses

9) TKellion= Trading down w/Saints & Selecting WR Rashod Bateman

10) Skinsin2013= Selecting QB Mac Jones

11) Ripsean21= Trading up w/Detroit & Selecting QB Justin Fields



NFL 2021 Draftees eliminated from Previous Predictions.

LB Nick Bolton

LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

WR Jaylen Waddle

RB Najee Harris-

CB Rodarius Williams 

OT Christian Darrisaw

LB Zaven Collins

LB Dylan Moses

WR Rashod Bateman 

QB Mac Jones

QB Justin Fields


NFL Players eliminated from trading the #19th pick for from Previous Predictions.



NFL Teams eliminated from trading up or down with, from Previous Predictions.

Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers

New Orleans Saints

Detroit Lions



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17 hours ago, turtle28 said:

I’m going to go with the same guy @lavar703 said, Jaylen Waddle. I think he comes in and at worst is our slot WR/PR, but very well be our #2 WR unless we sign an upgrade in FA.

You can’t double up fyi

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17 hours ago, ARTMONK HOF said:

With the 19th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Washington Football Team select Najee Harris-RB/Alabama. Roll Tide!


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